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  1. CollegeMan22

    Getting Laid in College

    Newbie here. I'm in college. I'm becoming a lot more successful at game, getting numbers, and creating attraction in women. My best nights are at dances, where I am the life at the party and get many compliments on my dance moves. I can get women at the end of the night who will follow my lead...
  2. CollegeMan22

    Girl Has Boyfriend — Do I Still Ask Her Out?

    I met this HB7 in my math class last week and gamed her this week. I joked with her a lot about fitness and nutrition, which she is really into, and I made sure to get really close to her when she had problems with math problems. No kino, but I tried to increase our proximity and show confidence...
  3. S

    Suave1's Approach/Dating Journal

    Hey boys. I have been a lurker on this forum for a year. This is my attempt at a daily journal documenting my progress. About me: -I am a incoming senior at a major US college(30k students) that is now opening after the lockdown -I cold approach on my campus because Idgaf. I’m not in a frat(I...
  4. Bigselfimprovementguy

    has anyone actually tried nootropics?

    I have seen them popping up on my feed occasionally, the adds make it sound like the limitless pill. I wanna believe that it is true bc something like that would make college 1000x easier but I feel like its too good to be true. Has anyone actually tried this stuff? and if so is it worth it? I...
  5. Bigselfimprovementguy

    starting life after college, any advice?

    This year I will be graduating from a southern military college with a degree in mechanical engineering, my GPA is kinda in the gutters and I will do what I can this year to bring it up. I also have a bunch of extracurriculars to hopefully compensate for where my grades lack (I was never any...
  6. GaBrotha

    Help! I think I lost my edge with women...

    Ok before I start this long post, I want to say that this is sort of a life story for me and how it all came about for me over the years. Hopefully it isn't drawn out too long for some of you. I honestly think I've lost my edge with women and I don't know what I am doing wrong the past few years...
  7. S

    Girl at university I aproached after 4 years!!!

    Well, there is this chick who I consider to be the prettiest girl in my university. The first time I looked at her it was a long time ago, probably 4 years ago while I was reading a book, I didn't aproach her but she catch me while I was looking at her, I got very nervous and I left the place...
  8. devilkingx2

    do you think the dating scene overall favors men?

    if you google it, there are a ton of articles written within the last few years (mostly 2015 specifically) suggesting that dating heavily favors men these days 1. https://nypost.com/2015/08/25/hey-ladies-here-are-8-reasons-youre-single/ 2...
  9. G

    How to get women in college

    Simple. First of all. STOP Fapping. Seriously you only have these college years for a short time, Dont waste it. Second, If YOU MUST FAP, ONLY watch POV porn. And think of sceneroies of you intertwining with a girl, Maya Bijou is my fav. That got me out of all my weird cuck fantasies and stuff...
  10. G

    College girls vs post college girls

    Im just wondering. I feel as college parties and girls are more fun. The older we get, the parties, clubs, it seems boring.. Like they are all adults and have baggage... Who wants to party with adults pretending to be teenagers... It depressed me.. As a 21 year old i am going to make the most of...
  11. devilkingx2

    lets talk about cold approach

    been a while since I saw a thread about this on here, the new college semester is less than a month old so it's around the perfect time to start one so, DJs of sosuave share with the class your latest tips, tricks and strategies, how has cold approaching been going for you lately and how often...
  12. touma.akagi

    Am happy with my life but get no results. A dilemma

    I'm in an awkward position right now. I've been lurking these forums on and off for quite a while, before deciding to sign up, trying to figure out how to get successful with girls and women around me. I started browsing in eighth grade and continued through high school. (There even used to be a...
  13. N

    Process of Getting Girls in College?

    Hey guys, how’s it going. Just finished reading the DJ Bible and I loved it. I’m taking steps to improve my fitness, hair, style, and confidence now. But I was wondering how exactly do you take a girl you just met in college and then escalate things? Just talk to her, and hang out until she’s...
  14. T

    Is she playing hard to get?

    Hello guys! I'm new here and I wanted to ask for some advice. Last month I met this beautiful girl in college and I managed to get her number. I texted her the day after and after some small talk I got a date with her, it was pretty easy actually, she accepted on my first try, she seemed...
  15. H

    Worth my time? If so best approach?

    I'm a typical busy college student and got overwhelmed in school and work this semester. 5 months ago, I met a girl I was interested in. I have only occasionally (maybe once or twice a month) communicated with her via snap chat but not much else since then. What's the best way to start things up...
  16. AlexKaiser

    Juggling College and Minwage Job?

    My inner-go-getter has kicked in. I'm not happy being locked into relying on a Gas Station Job to live, so the voice said "Then aim for college." I thought to myself, I don't want to waste money learning something that won't be profitable, so the voice said "Go into Business, learn about Stock...
  17. R

    Need to get out of relationship but can't **** above 6/10s (TL;DR)

    When coming to University I decided to stay in relationship with 8.5/10 from back home who *gasp* ended up coming to the same college as me. She was a virgin before me, she is very attractive and also very sweet (naive and innocent), however we have incompatible senses of humour and share few...
  18. ImTheDoubleGreatest!

    Major advice needed

    I'm in college right now and I want to go to med school. I was told that your college major isn't looked at in the same light as for other fields of study and that basically I should just take an easy major. One of the issues that I'm having though is that while the major itself may be easy, at...
  19. R

    She was taken and rejected. She's single & shows no interest

    Ignore the title -- I meant "she was taken and rejected me. Now she's single and uninterested.. I think" I am an incoming college sophomore. This occurred freshman year. Before I found out she was in a relationship, she had already blew off our lunch date. When I found out she was taken a...
  20. Maximus Rex

    Is Getting a MBA a Waste of Time? | 5 Alternatives To An MBA | Real-World Business Education