She was taken and rejected. She's single & shows no interest


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Jul 14, 2016
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Ignore the title -- I meant "she was taken and rejected me. Now she's single and uninterested.. I think"

I am an incoming college sophomore. This occurred freshman year.

Before I found out she was in a relationship, she had already blew off our lunch date. When I found out she was taken a couple weeks later, I pursued her in a friendly manner. However, we still never hung out. For months, I would see her around campus and she would embrace me, but that's it. The entire time, she followed me on Twitter and gradually stopped liking my tweets/pics back in October, etc.

Last month, she had broken up with her boyfriend and two weeks later I slid in the DM, lol. You see, as it turns out, she had gone to an event in my city, where I was also, but we never ran into each other that day. I asked if she was going to return for the second part of the event and she had told me no because she had already gone back to Wisconsin (from Chicago). I then followed up with how was her summer was going, etc and go no response. I'm at the point where I'm ridding everyone who has no effect on my life. She doesn't initiate conversation, she's blown me off constantly but kept things "appropriate" / friendly, she doesn't engage over social media, and she won't be back for school until September.. should I unfollow her on twitter? Ha. A part of me thinks it's childish because I pursued her when she was in a relationship and it seems as though I can't handle the rejection, but the other part thinks it's justified because.. well, you read the first part of this sentence. There's a chance I won't even be going back to that school anyway but..


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Jun 26, 2012
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feh don't ask for lunch date.

ask her out and see what she does if she goes, ok its game, if she refuse move on, forget the whole thing, stop analyzing this, just ask her out, NOT for lunch, and see what happens