Girl at university I aproached after 4 years!!!


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Mar 24, 2013
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Well, there is this chick who I consider to be the prettiest girl in my university.
The first time I looked at her it was a long time ago, probably 4 years ago while I was reading a book, I didn't aproach her but she catch me while I was looking at her, I got very nervous and I left the place.

In the next months, I saw her at different places, sometimes she even noticed me first, once she even tried to talk to me, but since I was running she only said 'see you'.

Time passed, she went to an exchange program to another universirty for about one year... but now she is back :p, I decided that I should talk to her finally, I know the time at which she arrives to the university, so I waited her, and I approached her, everything was quick because she was late (actually I thought that she was not gonna arrive because it was late compared to the time she usually arrives)

I did only ask her for her name, I told her that I really like her, and that whether can we go and talk some time... she took it in a good way, and said yes, but that in that moment it was not possible because she had to go somewhere (which was true), I just said 'well maybe later' to which she answered 'sure'.

Then I realized that I had no way to communicate with her, I was confident to get her phone number from a 3rd source... that didn't work... then I only had the email alternative, I wrote her an email telling her how beautiful I find her, why I didn't talk to her previously... she didn't answer, which was no big surprise for me because she is a very reserved girl (she is very rich so you must understand why)

Now, what I wanted to ask you friends is how should I see her again, the only thing I know about her is the time at which she arrives at the university, but I don't want to wait her again, because a second time at the same place could make her think that I am harassing her or something.

Also, supposing that I see her again, what should I say: ask for her number or for the time she leaves (so we can talk) or what???

She might be half interested, but I am specially worried about how to find her again, she doesn't take classes anymore, she is just doing her thesis in a lab, so I don't know when she leaves or where else to find her, and I believe it would be risky to wait her in the morning again :(

She is the dream of my entire career, so understand me please :)


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Oct 2, 2018
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Slow down!
She does not know you. Women need to feel safe. Listen, before you go to jail...

You try to get her number from a friend of hers or who ever, most likely she knows this already.

Then you email her, telling her how you feel, and got no reply. You also straight out stalked her, and she immediately had to go somewhere right? Did she ask you for your name? Your number?

Stop this behavior. Shes just 1 woman, or your Oneitis. This is where you need emotional maturity, I mean, shes at school not a bar. Thrust me, if shes interested she will email you. Let it go. You have 3 obvious failed attemps already.


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Jan 4, 2012
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Hahahaha...OP does everything wrong then asks us for help. OP after doing like 20 things wrong in a row you have a -1000% chance of this woman going out with you.