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  • Responsibility->Money->Hitting more Attraction Triggers. Even more motivation! Responsibility is the name of the game.
    I don't really believe in marriage anymore, but I just saw wedding where the couple met at Planet Fitness. You can meet women ANYWHERE
    AMS: Ask for their availability(don't fail that Availability Test), put the ball in THEIR court, no feminine texts
    The old SS stuff is so fire.
    Pook: "Constant rejection requires one of two solutions: either decrease your standards, or increase your standards in yourself."
    I'm going like 80% Old School, the majority of what you need to know is in there.
    The DJ Bootcamp, Weapons of Mass Seduction, pook, etc. are awesome. The forum as it currently stands is a cesspool of negativity. It's probably hurting guys more than it's helping them.
    I'd argue that any woman who brings friends on a date is just trying to c0ckblock you and it warrants a strike. Would she bring friends on a date with Chris Evans? Of course not. And if you can't ever get her alone? She's trying to use you for your attention. Just wanted to put that on the record.
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    Interesting... So you don't see a woman bringing friends as an attempt to c0ckblock you necessarily?
    That sounds suspiciously like a shyt test lol. How'd you decline her bringing friends the second time without sounding butthurt to her?
    I get the BASIC CONCEPTS... now I just need to practice and increase my SMV/confidence/swag factor until it works for the HB7s and above
    If I may make a suggestion. Go through the forums and read others successes and failures. On the success take notes on how it played out and learn from it. On the failures think about how they failed and figure out how the situation could have been turned around. Most importantly is to post your thoughts on the success or failure and let others challenge it.
    Planning ahead and taking it one day at a time(along with copes, goals, and dreams) is the only way to make life manageable. Music, podcasts, naps/sleep and copes for stress/when I don't wanna do the sh*t.
    Always on, always working, using coffee and energy drinks as needed, taking short breaks. Maybe you have to stay up all night doing homework sometimes but not often. I’ve been killing school lately and this seems to be a huge part of time management. Focus on one thing at a time to see the greatest success
    How can I be completely honest with myself and turn myself into a DJ? I must ask myself that question every day
    I love this website. Every time I listen to the advice on here, I see great results in my life! My Blue Pill conditioning is totally gone. My ear is totally open to anything that you guys have to say. I’m going to view my life through the lens of a Don Juan/Sosuave with zero doubt. Also, video game breaks are essential to the soul
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