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Going to fall back from the forum a bit. Just nothing interesting going on, no interesting topics. ssame old stuff. I feel like I'm starting to realize alot of the dudes on here are inept and unideal for game .. no idea why i stayed this long..besides this being one of the last few places on the net to talk about women and dating.. Good luck out there.. Prob wont check DM's this time since not getting much anymore.
'To be tough is to be fragile. To be tender is to be truly fierce. True solace is finding none, which is to say it's everywhere.'
Was going to make a post about something I never really opened up about on here: being involved in the street life here in Chicago and how it impacted me.. But I did say in my last post, It was the last post I'd make about myself.. so I think its best left unsaid.. Probably not pertinent to what this forum is about anyways ..
Finally decided to settle down after many epiphanies and finally taking the advice of people around me that I respect. Looking forward to starting a family some day soon and being a loyal man under the eyes of God. Maybe might let people follow my lifestyle IG since ill no longer be posting on it.. def dont want to give up my personal identity but.. Might let a select few in on some motivation.
One of the stipulations will make it easy.. gotta prove you make at least 6 figures and own a business of your own so that way we can just link up regardless. I know not many people care but, more motivating than some wrods from a random stranger on a forum is seeing the actual life of a true player even though it only shows the last 6 years. regardless, it is what it is! Retiring my jersey..