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Baby Boomers may be the only generation in history to be reviled by the generations both before and after them.
However the jury is still out on the Millennials.
No longer active on the forums. Just logged back into respond to DMS since I don't want to ignore those who find value in what i have to say enough to DM me asking questions and advice. Feel free to DM me if you are already pretty good with women but want to up your game. I got alot of gems I haven't dropped just because people don't ask the right type of questions or post the right topics
Women are some of the most superficial beings out there. You can literally hack their subconscious mind if you know how to. After more tahn a decade and a half of game, you learn tricks and things that bypass the conscious mind of a woman and make her feel like she desires you greatly. Best of all this stuff can be done with any woman.