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how do you ooze confidence? by completely owning everything you do and everything you are. don't shy away from your responsibility of accountability. own your mistakes and limitations all the same, because they're ubiquitous. when you relentlessly own up to every event in your life you give off a king vibe. this helps cultivate the mindset that you have everything you need and will get everything you want in time.
God is great. I’m very thankful for the stuff that happened to me, even though they sucked a hell of a lot at those times. It was a blessing in disguise. Hopefully I can continue to get better, God-willing.
It’s crazy to think I’ve been here for 5 years. I’ve changed a lot in those 5 years and so much has happened. But in the end, it seems like everything that happened was out of my control. At the same time though, I became someone whom I had never even dreamt of becoming. I just couldn’t see myself being as advanced as I am now. But yet, here I am.
In an attempt to go to the moon, the monkey decided to build a rocket ship. But first the monkey had to evolve into an intelligent human. Suddenly the monkey realized just how daunting it was to get to the moon. That’s the distance between a pua and a natural. The monkey and the moon.