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  1. J

    Watch how Finding girls is in 2023 (VIDEO)

    I don't want to end up like this guy..felt chest pain from this
  2. J

    What was wrong with my approach?

    What was wrong with my approach? Profile of target Filipina in her 30s Long hair length ti her hip so short, when she stands on the stairs that is 3 step high, she is on the same height as me. Outside of fast food chain chick ate alone at table.i waited several minutes before going up to...
  3. DoofusDonutDude

    Got rejected by HB10..how to overcome irrational fear i will never come across another HB10 or better women?

    Hey, I finally took the courage and asked out this seemingly perfect HB10 at work (long legs, great body, classy, well read, head turner looks). No texting ****. Been flirting a bit for past 3-4 days and finally decided to take my shot. I asked her for a moment, and then told her i found her...
  4. Money & Muscle

    Approach Anxiety/Fear of Rejection

    Has anyone else had really strong approach anxiety/fear of rejection to the point where you're scared to go talk to a girl whose giving you IOIs? How did you get past it?
  5. reality250

    Me, my highschool best friend & my GF, how can we proceed surely and very slowly ...?

    We got a live one. Forewarning, I posted here. So that means I accept the terms of me absolutely tearing down my entire outlook on life. Last week, I (M33) went shopping with our divorced (best)friend (34F), who had previously been friends. We had a few flirtatious moments together, including...
  6. J

    How to show resilience when going out of your comfort zone but events bring you down?

    Hello, I'm doing the DJ boot camp and my task this week is to talk to girls I find attractive. I go to my campus to do this task but i found out that girls aren't really interested in talking to strangers. I talked to this exchange student from Spain today, and she was just answering to my...
  7. L

    Recent Experience - Would love feedback/suggestions!

    Hey All, Went to a Meetup last week and met a bunch of dope people. One of the girls in particular stood out - cute, funny, sarcastic, and loads of sass. I invited her, and the entire group of people I met to go apple picking today. All, but myself and the girl I had eyes on were able to...
  8. Protonym

    Help an AFC: Safe Boundaries For Seeking Rejection

    I'm an AFC and don't want to be. Upbringing was "If you want the girl- open doors for her, keep a respectful distance, don't 'lust' after her, (etc...), and she will keep going out with you until you fall in love and live happily ever after." These are the following problems I suspect I need to...
  9. Blacksheep

    Girl with traumatic relationship situation...

    Hey guys, I had an interesting situation this weekend. I will explain it and it would be nice if i got feedbacks about it. I've met an interesting girl, that had a nice chat with me (books, philosophy, psichology, personal development) and she stayed at my home this weekend with a friend I...
  10. GeezerBub

    A crush on me....even me huh?

    I've come here so try and get advice on how to get the creatures (women) to hate me at least a little less. But more importantly, to pacify my intense hate for them. Especially since, even me, I've had some measure of interaction with them that were positive. My top interactions? They wanted...
  11. J

    Ignore, keep chasing or just be friends with her

    Hi. So, i don't really know what to do with this girl from class - i've had a really big crush on her for about 2 -3 months (oneitis, i know) and we've talked for 6 months. Since the beginning, she has been (very) physical and flirting with me which i have reciprocated and intensified since...
  12. T

    Ljbf negative reaction

    So I’ve been friends with this girl for a while, through mutual friends, she would flirt with me and want to hang out weekly, I made a move and got rejected so I cut her off. She contacted me randomly and I decided I was gonna reject her ljbf offer due to me trying to leave my arc behavior...
  13. Game0ver

    Help me to eradicate my last piece of beta in me

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on the forum, although I've already seen several discussion as a spectator. With the following, my intent is to ask you for help to defeat the last and most painful beta-behavior that's still rooted within myself. Ready? Let's go. Problem: I'm not used to...
  14. darksprezzatura

    How to react to a head turn during a kiss?

    So I read Roosh's Bang and adopted most of the concepts and added my own flavour to the game. A couple of days of texting a HB 6 hard teasing push pull. She was receptive but still a little anxious it seemed. First date, lots of kino, hand over her body, comfort, staring, told me she likes me...
  15. S

    Why this sudden change of heart?

    So six months ago I met a girl at a local festival in my hometown. The way she smiled at me and eyed me made it clear she wanted me. Thus I decided to approach her. We had fun and kissed. After that we kept in touch through texting. A week later I coincidentally needed to go to her town for an...
  16. BeTheChange

    [MUST READ] SMASHED MY PERSONAL BEST – 7 days, 5 dates, 4 lays. Here’s what I learned

    Quick caveat. I’m on gardening leave until January, when I start my new role. This week I spent my days in the gym, cooking, and reading the Rational Male and Irwin Shaw novels (cheers for the recommend on that one @fastlife. Great read) This has afforded me the luxury of time. What I liked...
  17. B

    Did I just get rejected?

    I like this girl and I told my best friend the story behind it and everything. Her and her boyfriend broke up about a month ago, so I figured I could take my shot. Two weeks ago, my best friend talked to the girl and mentioned my name. The girl said "He s cool but I just got out of a...
  18. E

    Report: Was that rejection or game?

    I do not know whether girl is rejecting me or playing because she sends ambigous messages. Here is the story: Girl from my company started to hit on me but very subtely. At some point I decided that I want her and opportunity arrived in form of company party. At the party she get a bit drunk...
  19. R

    She was taken and rejected. She's single & shows no interest

    Ignore the title -- I meant "she was taken and rejected me. Now she's single and uninterested.. I think" I am an incoming college sophomore. This occurred freshman year. Before I found out she was in a relationship, she had already blew off our lunch date. When I found out she was taken a...
  20. D

    Girl I don't know hangs up on me

    I've met this girl online. We arranged for a phone call and she seemed quite interested. I felt I got every possible sh*t test out there from her and passed most of them. However, toward the end, there was one sensitive topic where I started to explain myself and I instead of just brushing it...