How to show resilience when going out of your comfort zone but events bring you down?


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Dec 17, 2021
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I'm doing the DJ boot camp and my task this week is to talk to girls I find attractive. I go to my campus to do this task but i found out that girls aren't really interested in talking to strangers. I talked to this exchange student from Spain today, and she was just answering to my questions. If I asked am open ended question, she would give some dry answer to it. The second girl I talked to (American), was nicer, so when I asked if she wanted to be friends, she gave a super f*cked up reason and I quote "I just got out of a toxic friendship with a man, and I don't want any more men around me."
I was flabbergasted after hearing this. It's been 5 hours since, but I can't stop thinking about how messed up it was.

I'm just moving out of my comfort zone but experiences like this bring me down. Make me wanna just start being an introvert again.
How do you guys tackle situations like this?


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Dec 14, 2020
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You can do the hard but healthy way which is to properly process your emotions. It’s painful and takes longer but you will truly become impervious to negative feedback after a while if done right. I did it when approaching back in the day. Got so good that I’d have women guessing I was uncomfortable when I wasn’t at all and that made me realize the pedestal known as “woman’s intuition” was a lie. Opened a new crack Into the nature of reality.

Anyhow I then realized the problem was with my game not my anxiety and that’s where things halted since I can’t do my natural game in public without risk of either getting kicked out of a venue or being attacked by a lesser male. Hence why I do online. But I was able to use the same technique in door to door


Mar 6, 2017
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DJ bootcamp? Your TASK was to talk to girls?

Im sorry I disagree with all of this. I dont like the mindset.

That stuff never really worked for me. Becuase the focus was on getting the girls. While this might work for some people, for me it created scarcity mindset.

What recently worked for me was focusing on doing stuff I actually enjoy, while triple booking with OLD matches the same date, time, and place to come and join me.

If none of them cancelled, I would go out with the hottest one and I would make something up to flake on the other girls. My main focus was enjoying the actual date more than the girl herself.

Btw, I dunno if Murphys law or what, but when I singled book, the girl would flake more than half of the time. When triple booking, none would cancel and I had to flake on the other girls.

I would invite them to a restaurant I was actually craving for, or to watch the latest blockbuster I actually wanted to see. I believe that being focus on enojying the actual date would give off the abundance mindset instead of neediness or scarcity mindset and girls would somehow sense it and they loved it.

Texting was nothing special. No PUA tricks.

Text One: "Hey girl. How´s ur weekend going?" When matching during weekend. If matching Monday/Tuesday it was "Hey girl. How was your weekend?". If matching Wednesday/Thursday "Hey girl. Any cool plans for the upcoming weekend?"
Her: Bla bla bla

Next text: "Cool. What do you enjoy doing with your free time?"
Her: bla bla bla

If we have suff in common:

"Looks like we have a lot in common. Im craving my favorite sushi place, wanna meet 5:30ish pm next saturday?" Maybe Im implying that since we have stuff in common I wanna get to know her better.

If we dont have that much in common:

"I live in X city by Y mall. Anything interesting near your house?"
Her: Bla bla bla
"My favorite Burger place is very close to your house. Wanna meet Next saturday evening and grab a bite?"

If there was a new movie I actually wanted to see.
"I wanna watch the new Marvel movie. Lets go on day1 to avoid spoilers. My favorite movie place has a show at 6pm"
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