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  1. J

    She wants me to date her sis

    Hey guys I‘ll keep it short maybe you can help me. Im working in a good position as a coach and there is one trainee working in the office. We had a couple of good talks and i catched her checking herself in the mirror many times after I talked with her. Also she said I look like the ex of her...
  2. DoofusDonutDude

    Can you pursue money and do game as well - when you're 25-35 or it's only one of the two?

    Hey, I'm 28.5 years old. Been thinking about this for a while now, from the poem " To the Virgins, to make most of time" - written quite literally for the virgins in that time to make the most of their youth in regards to sex - "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying...
  3. P

    my observation about girls

    I saw that if you talk to girls first time then she is not likely going to be the one starting conversation when she sees you again on the street or somewhere. you will have to be the one to start a conversation again i wonder is there a psychological reason as to why girls don't start a...
  4. AntoniousIV

    Ride or die girls

    I'm eager to explore the idea of finding a "ride or die" partner. You know, someone who's truly loyal and committed through thick and thin. But, it's not easy to navigate the modern dating landscape, which is why I'm turning to this community for some advice. Where do you find her? Or do you...
  5. RazorRambo24

    Pheremones - Even stronger than good game

    If there's anything stronger than game alone, its something completely biological that is made to trigger sexual and attraction signals in women.. telling them you are the most capable mate and also ready for mating asap. I first noticed it in highschool with some kid named Sameer who had came...
  6. B

    Why should I give her my number instead of vice versa?

    This is sth. I read often here I don't really understand. When I meet girls for the first time, we get along well and I'd like to invite her why shouldn't I ask for her number and set up a date then? Taking initiative should be our modus operandi, shouldn't it? It makes sense giving her my...
  7. M

    Alcohol, game

    I don't know if there was already a thread on the subject. How much does alcohol influence your game? To me a lot, I'm 32 years old and I've tried many drugs in my life and it often happened to drink on the weekend, it may be that I'm no longer used to drinking but when it happens I realize...
  8. CollegeMan22

    A Review of the Basics

    I see a lot of useless bickering on here about the state of women in general. Women might not be up to the caliber they once were, and they probably have higher standards. Okay. Well guess what? That’s the game now. That’s the premise of approaching women. It is best to accept reality as...
  9. Casanova Official

    Path to learning Game

    Hey everyone. This is my first thread in this forum. I thought I would introduce myself and ask you all Game luminaries for advice regarding learning Game. It's probably been 2 weeks that I found out about the red pill. What do you think is the fastest and most optimised path to learning game...
  10. Fantasmo

    Where to meet highly attractive women as a 20 year old not currently enrolled in school?

    Background: I've been studying the game since I was about 15 (yeah I know.....) after already having internalized the fact that my highly religious mormon dad wasn't gonna tell me **** when it came to what I needed to have even minimal success with women (he was a varsity quarterback with sports...
  11. J

    good looking 20year old with no girls

    Hey Guys i really hope you can help me im 20 years old. I have a problem with girls since ever im good looking, i have money i have a good style i have good hygiene, many girls look at me and ask my friends about me but i dont have anyy girls. It could be arrogance it could be low self esteem it...
  12. J

    night game good start but bad end

    Hey Guys I always make out with girls in the club but I never get the girl to go home with me. Do you have any tips how to go from the club home with the girl? What are some rules or nogos in the club like what is seductive and what is too needy? btw im 20
  13. J

    Girl calls me arrogant good or bad? rp bp

    I think I changed alot of my blue pill thinking to red pill. What I realise now after a while that I talk a lot ****y&Funny with girls. Not a good example but today me and a girl were mocking each other a bit and she said she didnt sleep well today and I said oh im so sorry for you i will cry...
  14. GoodOne123

    What have you achieved during lockdown?

    I'm curious what you guys have been up to. Here what I have done so far: Workout 4-5 days a week. 50 pullups and 50 pushups per workout minimum. I sometimes do handstand pushups instead of the regular ones. Made second instagram account based on my passion for music. I've been uploading often...
  15. Black Magic

    Can you help me respond to this message?

    Alright, I've been chatting up this girl on social media for almost a year now. I asked her out early on and she seemed sort of into it but then said she had plans. I was ok with it cause at the time I was trying not to date so it worked out. However, I'm ready to start dating again so've been...
  16. XThrax

    Orlando meetup

    Hey people if you are ever in Orlando I host a international and travelers Meetup group that meets certain Fridays in downtown Orlando. If you are ever in the area be sure to swing by. We can talk about what we are both doing in game and the types of women we encountered across the world. I can...
  17. J

    Getting a divorce at 50

    Need help -- My wife of 18 years blindsided me a couple of months ago and asked for a divorce. She's 45 and I'm 50. I went through the phases - grief, denial, anger, acceptance. I've been trying to come to grips with being single again. A buddy recently gave me a copy of The Rational Male...
  18. Mauvilla4

    What do you think of this game move?

    I overnegged a girl (19 YO, a 7 in a place where 9's and 10's are almost unicorns) I’m trying to bed and the conversation went like this: Her: my BF has better abs than you. (She often touches my abs and sees me shirtless because we work out together, nevertheless there’s no way her BF has...
  19. GoodOne123

    What happened?

    Last night I went to the club again. Ended up dancing with this random group of 4 guys and 1 girl. The 1 girl leaned over to me and explained that it's her birthday. She looked a bit tipsy, and she was quite touchy and flirty. As soon as we are about to get really close and touchy with...
  20. devilkingx2

    How has learning game (whether red pill theory or PUA tactics or anything else) helped you?

    There's been a lot of anti-game hysteria here lately so i figured that it would be a great time to make a thread about the other side of the coin, So guys, lets talk about how game could've helped you in the past, or has actually helped you get a girl. Tell some stories of times when it wasn't...