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  • I lied about alot on this forum. The reality is im a guy who makes around 30k a year, still lives at home but hopes to move out soon, has dated over 20 women but has never had a proper serious relationship.. and has only had sexual intercourse with 5-6 women in his entire life despite making out with and fingering many more.
    What to take from this: Most people on the internet dont care what you say, no matter what you do because everyones full of envy and disbelief that other people in similar settings to them can be successful. All the pics and text messages i posted on her and videos wer eall real though.. thats the funny part, i still feel like im cooler tahn 90% of this forum and more experienced.
    Decided to stick around as this forum is a good pass time and I enjoy sharing advice and experience.. No place else like this on the net once again. I just gotta come to terms that people are where they are and try not to judge people for being in different circumstances than myself or others.
    As I get older, I have a greater sense of altruism which aligns with my goals to one day be a life coach and help others. I'm going to try my best to help and hopefully my advice, experience and ideas can help mold some better attitudes and benefit some of the men on here.
    Going to fall back from the forum a bit. Just nothing interesting going on, no interesting topics. ssame old stuff. I feel like I'm starting to realize alot of the dudes on here are inept and unideal for game .. no idea why i stayed this long..besides this being one of the last few places on the net to talk about women and dating.. Good luck out there.. Prob wont check DM's this time since not getting much anymore.
    Was going to make a post about something I never really opened up about on here: being involved in the street life here in Chicago and how it impacted me.. But I did say in my last post, It was the last post I'd make about myself.. so I think its best left unsaid.. Probably not pertinent to what this forum is about anyways ..
    Finally decided to settle down after many epiphanies and finally taking the advice of people around me that I respect. Looking forward to starting a family some day soon and being a loyal man under the eyes of God. Maybe might let people follow my lifestyle IG since ill no longer be posting on it.. def dont want to give up my personal identity but.. Might let a select few in on some motivation.
    One of the stipulations will make it easy.. gotta prove you make at least 6 figures and own a business of your own so that way we can just link up regardless. I know not many people care but, more motivating than some wrods from a random stranger on a forum is seeing the actual life of a true player even though it only shows the last 6 years. regardless, it is what it is! Retiring my jersey..
    This forum never ceases to disappoint. I never understood how men in 2023 can be so inept, so docile, so inexperienced. The amount of cringe is wild. The lack of relatability is starting to get to me. Are there any other men who have it good when it comes to women on here? WHat happened to when there used to be real Don Juans in here?
    Disclaimer: Nothing I say on here is personal to anyone. I like to joke at times and some of what I say might come off as aggressive to some of you. but there's no ill will or ill intent. I never insult anyone who doesn't come at me sideways in the first place. (Had to say this so I don't get banned again because people are way too sensitive these days).
    Live your life, chase after goals that will heighten your value and self esteem, not women. Women will be a byproduct of you being a man worthy of attention and attraction. But do socialize. Socializing is the key to all encounters. A naturally worthy man should have no trouble encountering opportunities with women.
    We are the creators of our reality to such a high degree, that simply by visualizing and creating a clear imagine of our desired outcomes, and then working towards them, we can literally bend the universe to getting us what we want. The idea is to aim for whats reachable/probable. With each step you'll get closer and closer to the big picture.
    Really gotta stop babying the dudes on here. Most of these people are helpless. The few of us who actually can consider ourselves confident alpha men really need to shake the room and help change the attitudes around here.. otherwise this forum is a lost cause
    Part of being successful in life is thinking of yourself as better than everyone else in the room. That's what confidence is. If you don't love yourself and think you're the best, then are you really that confident? probably not. The one thing that does keep me grounded and balanced is faith in God. If I didn't have that, I'd probably be a narcissist.
    If some of what I say doesn't come off as accurate to some of you, I apologize but I'm coming from a place of confidence/abundance so my experience may be vastly different than some of yours. I'm not going to be on point 100% of the time, but I'm vastly experienced enough to have a great idea if enough details are present.
    My friends ask me what's it like living like a pornstar? and I'm like "I got it better than a pornstar, I get to enjoy the first nut".
    Every week is a new week to level up. 20% of each day should be going toward progressive activities such as fitness and skills or project based on creating more financial abundance, learning a skilled trade or improving at a hobby. Based on 16 hours of awake time, this is only a little over 3 hours of your day.
    Being nice and sensitive toward men is not how we help shape weak men. That's the kind of thing women do with each other and why many women are so entitled, spoiled and think they can get away with bad behavior.
    Added a profile pic cuz why not.. Just using my old avatar from bodybuilding forums from a decade ago since its already 'masked' and ready to go. not in the mood to sort through pics and crop sht at the moment
    Decided to come back to the forum and do my best to help people with the knowledge/experience I have, without letting my ego get in the way and being too harsh on other people as that's not an effective way to help those who need it. Mostly want to keep my workout/nutrition log going.. So feel free to join if you want to develop discipline.
    No longer active on the forums. Just logged back into respond to DMS since I don't want to ignore those who find value in what i have to say enough to DM me asking questions and advice. Feel free to DM me if you are already pretty good with women but want to up your game. I got alot of gems I haven't dropped just because people don't ask the right type of questions or post the right topics
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    Women are some of the most superficial beings out there. You can literally hack their subconscious mind if you know how to. After more tahn a decade and a half of game, you learn tricks and things that bypass the conscious mind of a woman and make her feel like she desires you greatly. Best of all this stuff can be done with any woman.
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