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  1. E

    I treated my ex kind after a breakup. DON'T DO IT.

    I want to share an insightful experience with you all. I broke up with my toxic ex-girlfriend (3 years of relationship). I was very attached to her, and she disrespected me a lot of times so she started losing interest and you know the rest of the story. It did not matter at the point of the...
  2. B

    I might have BPD

    Currently I'm reading 48 laws of power and reading law 10 (Infection: Avoid the unhappy and unlucky) was quite fascinating, bc. it literally describes people with BPD and how they brought down others. (And therefore it says you should avoid them obviously.) This got me thinking about this...
  3. FenixRising

    When did you KNOW you definitley dodged a bullet?

    Hey DJs, Trying to let breakups or divorces go is hard sometimes even when you are enjoying single life. When was a time you heard what happened to your ex through the grapevine many months or years later? What shocked you about them and their terrible decisions (one clearly being unable to...
  4. R

    Charlie Brown (BPD) Experience

    Hello to all, First time posting here so I will do my best to keep it short and to the point. A little bit of context first, i read through numerous threads posted here and after searching for answers on the web it is an absolute pleasure to see how many insightful people are giving advice...
  5. L

    Contacted by ex with some major psych issues, need some advice

    Just about two months ago I got dumped (realistically it was a 30 day ish relationship). Not so unexpected, seen some signs. Went NC immediately after. Long story short, I got some traumatic responses at first after the breakup from myself, going into flight or fight for 48 hours straight, no...
  6. marmel75

    Is Ariana Grande an example of BPD?

    Seems she love bombs early on getting engaged in 2 weeks to Pete Davidson and then dumps him when it becomes too intense or too much. And then the process repeats...
  7. R

    My 2year borderline girlfriend dumped me and Im devastated

    Hello, I don't have anybody else to talk who would understand me and it seems like you guys are going through the same sh*t here. So I met her when she was 14 and I was 15. During this time she was very lonely and wanted me to talk to her for at least 5-6 hours a day. I was crazy in love for...
  8. R

    Is She BPD?

    Met this girl through a common friend. First date: Met at a local bar for a drink, had good time. When i started to leave, keeps insisting on dropping me home even though she lives on the other end of the city. Acted strongly and asked her to leave. Throws a tantrum but agrees. At this point...
  9. P


    Hi, I am new here. I have spent the last few weeks browsing various forums for some insight into BPDS, and found the best stuff here so I figured I would post my story ... and hope for the best? To give you some insight into my life without going into too much detail I am a 21 year old semi...
  10. darksprezzatura

    Just encountered a BPD. Game plan?

    So I've had months of experience with a BPD ex, she damn near destroyed me but with the scars I've become stronger. Spinning multiple girls at the moment, focused on self improvement. I just took a girl's number who possibly has BPD. 1. Hair dyed red 2. Fear of abandonment and flipping out over...
  11. darktriadism

    Let the scars guide.

    Since ending a BPD relationship and swallowing the red pill and finding this site, it took a couple of months to finally manage to get my life on track and better. These scars will help avoid the crazies all your life. Just dodged another bullet. This super cute chick being interested and...
  12. darksprezzatura

    Dodging bullets. Become Neo. [IMPORTANT]

    To the DJs out here, lifelong AFCs, Alphas, Betas, Omegas and all the pals. Reading @bradd80 's post about toxic women aka the ones with daddy issues fit so well with respect to my ex, I thought I'd reinforce his post and add my two cents to every person in need of some help. As men the...
  13. ImTheDoubleGreatest!

    A millions questions about BPDs

    Are BPDs the same as female socipoaths? Or is there a difference? And what is the difference between HPD and BPD? Are some BPDs just naturally born with the disorder or is it always developed? Do all BPDs have issues with other women, dislike their dads, have a lot of crazy baggage, etc? Or are...
  14. MrAddiction

    How to get rid of the thought your Ex is fcukING her new Boyfriend?

    Hey Guys, Been a long time lurker. Know this site for about 9 years - don't know my former account password any more. But however. I found answers to nearly all my questions. But this one is a tough one for me. How do I get rid of the imagination my Ex being fcuked by her new Boyfriend. Long...
  15. R

    Borderline Personality Disorder woman

    Hi there, I'm a woman with BPD. I'm currently on medication and maaajor self help/DBT. I came across this website because I was trying to get an understanding of what my behaviours look like from another perspective. I found some threads on here, some are like 10 years old but the symptoms are...
  16. S

    What would happen in a BPD-ASPD relationship?

    If a female who has some degree of BPD and a male who has some form of ASPD/Sociopathy (basically, two people with Cluster B traits), were to date or enter into a 'relationship', how would that look? Would the male be relatively unfazed by the females attempts at manipulations, mind games and...
  17. GoodOne123

    In a bad place - Sick family member and potential crazy/bpd ex

    It feels like I am in bad place right now and need help and advice as to how to cope. This post is not just about women and relationships, but is about life and family as well. It has been already a while since my mother has been diagnosed with a serious illness. Unfortunately, the doctors have...
  18. GoodOne123

    In need of some help/advice please!

    So I met a girl at a house-party. We talked for about an hour, got her number, texted her, and set a date a couple days later. The first few dates went well, and she had high interest. We continued dating for 3 months. However, I noticed some things that made me feel uneasy. She mentioned she...
  19. bruno-ex-sex-addict

    How I Went From A Totally Broke BPD Sexual Addict To Starting Up My Dream Online Business

    Hi, Here's my story that will hopefully encourage you to get on the right path to starting up your own dream online business from the scratch. For years I was waking up so stressed and worried about my financial future each morning that most of the time I would feel so weak and tired that I'd...
  20. F

    Finally broke up with bpd gf, her reaction got me down. Just need to vent.

    So I finally broke up with her (diagnosed "quiet" BPD) last night after being treated like a stranger for a month (probably I was split black for reasons she didn't know or didn't want to tell me. a new guy is also a possibility). So in a way she broke up with me first, emotionally, and I was...