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How I Went From A Totally Broke BPD Sexual Addict To Starting Up My Dream Online Business


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Apr 25, 2016
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Zagreb, Croatia

Here's my story that will hopefully encourage you to get on the right path to starting up your own dream online business from the scratch.

For years I was waking up so stressed and worried about my financial future each morning that most of the time I would feel so weak and tired that I'd often stay lazing away in my bed longer than usual, because I simply didn't know where to find the solution to my problem.

All these frustrations and worries pushed me into the trouble of just desperately chasing money as a financially broke opportunity seeker. I got stuck in the vicious circle of going from one money-making opportunity seminar to another for years. As a result, this devastating and obsessive habit actually made me even more financially broke up to the point where for the last few years of my stay in London, I ended up in my credit card debts.

Everything started to change in a positive direction thanks to experiencing the following four enlightening events and epiphanies:

1) While being on my desperate quest for the answer to how to live my life as effortlessly as all successful people do and be able to cash in on my top passions through having my own super profitable online business, I found and read the bestselling book "The Passion Test: The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Life Purpose" (by Chris and Janet Attwood) that helped me realize that my bad, self destructive BPD habit of boldly approaching and picking up random women just to have sex with them was purely my sex obsession that I'd initially mistaken for my true passion and sadly believed so for years.

2) I suddenly realized that both my BPD-related lack of emotional regulation necessary to apply when trying to cope with any kind of difficulty and my narcissistic personality disorder's abnormal sense of entitlement all got me into the bad habit of wanting to skip all the hard work necessary for succeeding in my own business.

It's because I got seduced into believing that I should always aim for the kind of success that's as high as just my thinking of what I deserved, and not what I accomplished through a hard work.

The latter truth helped me realize how the lack of emotional regulation when boldly approaching random women made me ignore my approach anxiety as my guardian angel protecting me from facing dangerous situations on one side, whereas my outrageous narcissistic behavior was what was holding me back from achieving my desired business success as the result of my childhood's anger and resentment towards my peers' cynical behaviour on the other side.

In other words, I was constantly aiming for a spectacular kind of overnight success just to lift my hurt self-esteem back up and to be able to oppose my peers from the position of supreme power and control.

The botom line is this: The same outrageous narcissistic behavior fuelled with that unhealthy sense of entitlement not only made me desperately chase money as a financially broke opportunity seeker but also made me stupidly chase women purely as my sexual objects. In either case I was aiming to reach that invincible and superior narcissist's position that I could just use as a show-off in front of my peers in order to relieve the pain of all my emotional insecurities and to please my ego.

3) About three years ago, I regained my focus on wanting to build my ever desired dream, passion-filled online business. As a result, I was fortunate to stumble on a genuinely successful online entrepreneur who taught me the secret on how to easily pinpoint my dream business sweet spot that's basically your best niche marketplace opportunity once you put together your strengths, your passions and your free resources.

Among all top internet marketers that I learned from on my journey of exploring how to make money online over the years, there was only one master of the trade who revealed to me the secret on how to go from a struggling entrepreneur to a strategic entrepreneur in an easy-to-understand way.

He says that it’s not you and it’s never been you when it comes to failing in business, but it’s all about your approach.

He says: “Change your approach and your results will improve dramatically. Use the strategy of focusing on less and less to make more and enjoy more free time.”

Here’s what I learned about starting up and growing a profitable online business as a strategic entrepreneur.

The most vital first step is to carve out and identify your business-building sweet spot based on:

a) your strengths

b) your passions

c) your free resources, and

d) your marketplace opportunity.

Your sweet spot would be the area where your strengths, your passions, your free resources and your marketplace opportunity all meet in one spot. Hence it’s called a sweet spot.

4) Finally, I regained my focus on wanting to build my ever desired dream, passion-focused online business thanks to lately stumbling on two psychologists who taught me the secret to achieving the ultimate success from the perspective of having the right mindset.

They've taught me two important things:

a) Turning your life's downsides into upsides is possible only after you decide to cope with the obstacles that stand in your way to achieving your goals and your ultimate success.

b) Everytime you find yourself in the situation of desperately wanting to achieve your goal as quickly as possible by skipping all the hard work or in the situation of being extremely upset or worried about not having something that you believe could make you feel happy and fulfilled, you should ask yourself a very simple question:
"Why am I now already happy?"

The combination of these two vital things helped me suddenly stop running around asking random people to lend me thousands of bucks to take up the next big business-building mentorship or to be able to go to the next big money-making seminar.

After asking myself the above question when going to bed one night, I woke up the following morning so blessed that I had such a clarity of exactly what my next steps are in relation to starting my own online business that I'd never had before.

It was really amazing how within only a few short minutes of asking myself "Why am I now already happy?" I suddenly realized that I was indeed happy.

I realized that I had all the necessary skills and resources to succeed and make my dream business come true.

It's very interesting that the Harvard university psychologist who taught me about the "Why am I now already happy?" question, said that a team of researchers came to the realization of the benefits of asking this question after they'd discovered that a number of participants in their research who either won the lottery prize or had the option to choose their desired thing from among many items of the same kind, like clothes and cars, later stated that once they won the lottery money and their desired sports car, they didn't feel truly happy and fulfilled.

What they surprisingly said instead was that they felt much happier and fulfilled before winning the lottery and before winning their favorite sports car.

So, what the above mentioned question does for you immediately after you've asked it is that it simply helps activate your brain's cells responsible for finding the solution to your problem as quickly as possible in such situations where you initially get stuck worrying, complaining or just being sad and depressed about not having something that you desire or not having enough of it.

So, once I decided to accept the pain of all my financial frustrations and cope with it, and then asked myself the "Why am I now already happy?" question, my brain's engine got fired up so much that I soon made up a solid plan and a viable strategy to start my own online business all based on identifying my true passions, my strengths and my free resources.

This is how I ended up creating my free report where you can learn my full story and connecting with the guys that represent my best niche market and my ideal target audience.

The bottom line is this: Unless you invest some effort and time in identifying what your purpose on earth is based on knowing who you really are and what your true passions and strengths are, you cannot expect somebody else to do this necessary work for you and help you succeed in business.

Once you get completely clear with what your true passions and strengths are and you strategically use them as the foundation of your future business, you'll get so focused on only the things that matter that you'll be able to easily weed out any irrelevant and unnecessary things that could lead to an addiction or mental disorder of some kind.

Last but not least, here's one more epiphany that's lately struck me and that I’d like to share with you: "If I had been firmly focused on pursuing my true passions in the first place, I probably would have never ended up being a BPD sexual addict, because once you’re fully focused on your top passions and dreams, you’re so happy and fulfilled that no distractions and no negative external factors can prevent you from enjoying a healthy and empowering life."

The kind of situation that I am proudly in today and that I also want to see you in is that I wake up so excited and fulfilled each morning that any activity or task that I'm supposed to do next I really look forward to.

Hope reading this post will encourage you to go for your dream business and make it happen as soon as possible.



Jul 30, 2003
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very powerful post brother...I really like the summed up bottomline you wrote. People always want things the easy way...but some things there is no easy way. Gotta pay your dues. And you must know thyself.


Master Don Juan
Feb 1, 2016
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This post is one of the most useful pieces of advice I have ever seen on this forum. I honestly feel the same, my mind has not always been fully stable either but it was never sadness and my outlets were more destructive to others... But I have found that finding a sense of purpose, that having meaning, chasing your dreams, and trying to live your life to the fullest, that one can rise above it all... Even their own demons.

Congrats, you earned it all and deserve it.