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  • Looking to drop about 15 lbs by august marmel.
    Can you tell me how to incorporate intermittent fasting?

    I did 20 hr fasts with a 4 hour eating window 6 days this week and lost no weight.
    Although my food choices were liberal I was still in a caloric deficit.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Also on the 20 hour fasts I feel really weird. Is this normal?
    Its like an anxious feeling almost if that makes sense.

    how would a jail bird fag know
    hello marmel,

    I just read a post in which you talk about how much you bench press, squat etc, so I'd like to know if you could help me a bit to improve my body. In other words, if we could talk about diet, routines, etc so I can get more muscular and leaner.
    I've tried to bulk, then to cut etc, but I ended up either pretty fat, or pretty thin.

    So, if you're up to give a me a few tips etc let me know. Thanks!
    sure...what are you looking to try and do and where are you at right now?
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