1. M

    Sex experiences

    Have you ever had problems penetrating? I didn't like the last two girls I had sex with, I wasn't attracted to them and at the moment of penetration I lost my erection, also because they had very narrow vaginas. Let me start by saying that I decided to go out with them because they were...
  2. R

    How to stimulate sexual desire in a woman without contact?

    I’m a recovering AFC in a relationship, i’ve been dating this girl for 2 months now, we haven’t done anything sexual yet. we have so much chemistry in person and our conversations are boring over texts. i can’t see her everyday cause i have such a busy schedule and she has school but i make time...
  3. P

    my game improved but still not getting there

    today i met a cute girl who was a year or two younger than me and i started talking to her randomly at first i tried some push pull and she was ****ing attracted to me. she laughed and started asking me questions about me as well. she said that she studies business and i said that it's boring...
  4. DoofusDonutDude

    More beautiful women are less likely to be up for doing dirtier stuff in bed?

    I've often heard this again and again, that if the girl is more beautiful (for example, a HB9) , she will also be less interested in doing the more dirty/kinky/rougher stuff in bed with you than a less beautiful girl (like a HB6). BUT I've also heard this many times, something that is sort of...
  5. O

    Mid twenties male virgin and sex

    I’m in a similar situation as this guy, although in a much less pronounced way. I’m a 27 year old virgin. This is mostly because I have always been introverted, shy, anxious, awkward, etc, as a...
  6. inquisitor

    Texting After Sex

    Exactly what the title says. For context, I am 20 years old, an Asian, and currently a third-year college student, focusing on my academic pursuits while enhancing my social and financial skills. I met this girl at the same campus as I am through an anonymous online chat. After about an hour of...
  7. Q

    Dealing with a girl who has serious issues

    Hey everyone! A long-time lurker, first-time poster here. I discovered this forum a couple of years ago after the break-up with my GF and I’m eternally grateful for all the information I got here. Now it’s my turn to give back and, hopefully, I'll not only analyze the situation I’m in but help...
  8. T

    Sex with another woman while girlfriend watches?

    My girlfriend wants to watch me have sex with another woman. I have someone from my past that is willingly to let me **** her while my girl watches. She is really hot and young. My girl says it turns her on and is something that she had been wanting. However, I once read to give a woman what she...
  9. T

    Would you **** a porn star ?

    Would you **** a porn star if you had a chance ? Why or why not ?
  10. GoodOne123

    Dating a woman with low self esteem

    So I've recently went on a date with a girl i met at a nightclub. We went to a bar for a first date, but some things and behaviours have worried me: She mentioned her self esteem has been very low in the past, and her friends have had to work very hard to improve it. She compliments my eyes...
  11. D

    How do you answer when a woman asks you how many women you have had sex with?

    How do you answer when a woman asks you how many women you have had sex with?
  12. T

    Mangina Behavior in a Relationship. A Brief Case Study on What Not To Do.

    When a man takes on the traits of a woman within a relationship he kills attraction. In this post, Mangina refers to the male in the relationship that was acting like he had a Vagina. It was also a play on his name which ironically was spelled similarly. He acted more like a woman in the...
  13. D


    I recently started a relationship with a new woman. She has been great and is a sweetheart. She and I have talked about having a threesome and including another woman. My Girl is in her early 30s . The girl we are considering is 24 years old and is a former fitness model. She is really hot. I...
  14. GoodOne123

    Help this is messing with my head

    Hey guys, A few weeks ago I met a 22 year old girl called Eva at a bar. We danced and made out for an hour or so. She was really interested and was giving me lots of compliments about my looks, dancing etc. I was pretty overwhelmed by all the compliments. I told her to come back to my place but...
  15. D

    Taking another man's woman.

    I have been messing around with a woman that has a boyfriend and has a child with him. They live together and she tells me that she is no longer attracted to him and that she is not happy with him. She talks about how miserable her life is with him. She is the breadwinner in the family, does...
  16. B

    Losing my virginity

    Ok so I’m scared and this is a very awkward situation... I’m a virgin, and I just made a friend a few months ago. He’s older then me by 3 years and very- experienced in sex stuff. I’ve been wanting to get my virginity over with for awhile now. I just haven’t had anyone to do it with. He has...
  17. A

    Need urgent advice for a chick

    Hey guy, first time posting here. So i need some advice about a cheek, iv been following corey waynes stuff for many years and doc love stuff not so much just recently i came across his work, i booked a session with him as well. Apart from that im trying to perfect my game, but this current...
  18. Von

    How to Handle Girls with Daddy Issues ? Girl with Daddy Issues Thread

    I bet we all know girls with Daddy Issues. Let's manage / control the situation if it arise The Dad might be ''gone'' (absent - uninterested - inactive - dead) or might be present and active. The Dad might be a strong father or a weak father.... the father might have anger issue / violent...
  19. M

    2018 Approach/Dating Journal

    Going to try and journal more to get my thoughts down and actively work on improvement where possible. Goals Regain Cold Approach confidence Spin new plates in the Spring/Summer Less dependency on alcohol Have a memorable Spring/Summer 2018
  20. GoodOne123

    What happened?

    Last night I went to the club again. Ended up dancing with this random group of 4 guys and 1 girl. The 1 girl leaned over to me and explained that it's her birthday. She looked a bit tipsy, and she was quite touchy and flirty. As soon as we are about to get really close and touchy with...