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relationship advice

  1. reality250

    How can I keep this lifestyle simple, how do people game in open relationships?

    In the next months, I will be going out, to improve my communication skills and also to live a bit outside my open relationship... we still love each other, and she accepts I am still gaming for just fun. The main problem is, that I almost have NO sexual desires and can't follow up with the...
  2. C

    If you had one piece of advice for RELATIONSHIPS what would it be?

    I see many articles and posts about how to get women, but not to many on how to keep them or what to do when in a relationship. If you had one piece of advice for relationships what would it be?
  3. GoodOne123

    Help this is messing with my head

    Hey guys, A few weeks ago I met a 22 year old girl called Eva at a bar. We danced and made out for an hour or so. She was really interested and was giving me lots of compliments about my looks, dancing etc. I was pretty overwhelmed by all the compliments. I told her to come back to my place but...
  4. R

    Charlie Brown (BPD) Experience

    Hello to all, First time posting here so I will do my best to keep it short and to the point. A little bit of context first, i read through numerous threads posted here and after searching for answers on the web it is an absolute pleasure to see how many insightful people are giving advice...
  5. Skyline

    How I got Gaslighted.

    Gaslighting. In my years of being here on SS, I've never actually seen this topic talked about. Which is probably why I got blind sided by it and it took up 3 years of my life. This was during a time that I was at my confident peak. So let's talk about the term Gaslighting. Gaslighting is a...
  6. Blacksheep

    Need some advice

    I have a bad weekend with a woman I've met on instagram. She was not from my town, we talked for some weeks and she decided to come here to stay the weekend with me. She arrived, and I noticed she was a little strange... she got angry easily and a preying woman. Late night on friday, my...
  7. C

    Is being conservative in a relationship bad?

    I was thinking about this for a long time now. Most of my boyfriends broke up with me because of the same reason. When they do, I don’t feel anything bad at all because that is not a foreign experience to me anymore. I refused to give them what they asked. They want to do ‘that thing’ with me...
  8. R

    Should I date this woman which has a boyfriend?

    I'm confused and don't know what to do. I have never been in a long term relationship. I talked to a girl that I like a lot at my college, I simply showed interest in knowing her and she immediately liked me, to be clear none of us told each other we love each other or how we feel to one...
  9. C

    Is it just me or girls are really confusing?

    I don’t mean to judge but am I the only one who finds girls confusing? I do think that they have a lot going inside their minds and I appreciate how much they make an effort to almost everything but I am finding it difficult to understand them. For example, an ex girlfriend of mine whom I have...
  10. willing4you100

    Thank you AFA

    I met Tatiana during AFA’s Singles Tour in Ukraine last year. And to tell you, that was the beginning of a very special journey. While the affair is still ongoing, we decided to meet everyday and date. With the span of one week, I learned to love her. She is so caring, loving, and...
  11. A

    Meeting each other for the first time... I need ADVICE!!!

    I’ve been in a long distance relationship with Anastasia for 5 months now… we met through an online matchmaking site. Things have been going well and in the span of 5 months, we pretty much know what we need to know about each other, to be honest, I think we already know too much. So, we...
  12. D

    How to open up to women online that I am divorced and a father of two?

    I’ve been divorced not too long and have two kids with me. It’s been a couple of years since then but I feel like I’m ready to get back into the game and find someone. I don’t think I have what it takes to find someone in person. I know that my age is beyond what women would find attractive...
  13. D

    My girlfriend’s family doesn’t approve of our online relationship

    I met my Filipina girlfriend online through a dating site called loveme. We got along really quickly and we’ve been communicating for about a year and a half now. After all the time we spent together via video calls and chat, we figured it was time to see each other. I decided to visit her in...
  14. A

    My 28 year old daughter doesn’t approve of my girlfriend who is only 4 years older than her

    I met this amazing woman on this website called Loveme. Her name is Yulia, she’s from the Ukraine, and everything about her is just great. She’s so smart and funny, and we just connect on so many levels. I’ll be the first to admit that we have a significant age gap I’m 59, and she’s only 33...
  15. L

    I really want to live with my girlfriend abroad, but my work is stopping that from happening. Need

    I’m in my mid 40’s and I work for a company that demands a heavy workload. I’m currently living in California, but I sometimes have to travel abroad for work. On some days my job keeps me on a really tight schedule and that might hinder me from some aspects for my life –including love life. I...
  16. I


    She knows I like her and has a “rebound” boyfriend according to her friends (I found out at a party and one of her friends specifically said that he was a rebound to make her ex jealous). They started going out two or so weeks after the break up. I then told her that I liked her but she didn’t...
  17. aritram23

    How to get her to see me more than a best-friend?

    I am 23 and have known this girl for the last 11 years and she has been calling me her best friend since the last few years. I have always thought of her as just a great friend until I started developing feelings for her 2 years ago. I feared telling her about how I felt but around the end of...
  18. aritram23

    How to get her to see me more than a best-friend?

    I am 23 and have known this girl for the last 11 years and she has been calling me her best friend since the last few years. I have always thought of her as just a great friend until I started developing feelings for her 2 years ago. I feared telling her about how I felt but around the end of...
  19. B

    Talking to someone who likes somebody else

    I've had my eyes on this girl for a while now. She was in a relationship like two months ago, got out of it, and now she's talking to somebody again. I didn't even know she was looking for someone but sure enough, she's in the talking stage with someone already. He doesn't go to our school...
  20. G

    Girlfriend Forgets Promises Frequently - Thoughts?

    Need some opinions on how to handle this. Yesterday my girlfriend who I live with said she would send me some pictures to 'brighten up my day at work'. It got to 2pm when she was due to go to work and she hadn't sent them. I get a message an hour later reading 'I forgot to send those pictures...