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online dating

  1. O

    Making a test profile on a dating app

    I wanted to get an idea of how my good/bad my looks are and was thinking about making a test profile on a dating app. I was thinking of putting my location in some distant city/country since I want to avoid possibly embarrassing myself with people who might know me, and since the only purpose...
  2. A

    Having trouble and mental block from online texting and dming.

    As it says in the title, I am really bugged and troubled with online texting wehter be it messenger or ig or whatsapp. In real life, I am quite good and I have good game however when it comes to online stuff I am really bad with it and I usually never do it. One of the reasons is that I am quite...
  3. CollegeMan22

    I did an OLD experiment, here's what I learned

    Yesterday in the evening, I was curious what it is like to be a girl on OLD. So I pulled up a stock image site and pulled four stock images of a 7/10 girl who looked about 22. The images were of professional quality, probably better than most pictures that girls post. I created a simple profile...
  4. CyrusTheGreat

    Which dating apps in London?

    I'm kind of new to OLD and most of the girls I've dated in the past, I met IRL. This past week I've been experimenting with different dating apps with little success. Also I have to mention that am not looking into LTRs right now, and I just wanna gain some experience by dating a large number...
  5. C

    Was this a **** test and is it recoverable?

    I knew I ****ed up the second I sent it.
  6. SH03C

    OLD - Agreed Upon Meetup, After Some Drag Time

    So I’ve found myself in unfamiliar territory here with OLD. I haven’t dated much in the last 2 years bc of my career focus and completing my grad degree. But last Saturday, a week ago, I jumped on Hinge and engaged with probably the first person I saw on the app, a fairly cute (8) 32 yo woman...
  7. I

    Some questions about Instagram game (noob)

    How do you find a good number of girls in your area? What openers do you usually use (in case she doesn't have stories or anything other than her looks that grabs your attention)? Is there anything you do that brings traffic to your profile, like reels or specific hashtags? My profile is only...
  8. H

    "Girl I'm Dating Still Has Her Online Profile Up - What to Do?"

    This is a question I saw on another forum, and it's one I've seen time and time again: when you meet a woman online and things are going well, what do you do when you discover her profile is still up? Should you bring it up to her? How do you address it? And, how do you make her take it down...
  9. XThrax

    When you don't take rejection well

  10. GaBrotha

    This should end it all: Racial Hierarchy of (us) Men to women across the world.

    So, I've been doing a comparison of dating apps, sites (even So Suave) and came to a conclusion on what type of men that women are naturally attracted to across the globe no matter where the country particularly is. Of course, everyone is going to say white men (which is to an extent true) since...
  11. resilient

    Thanksgiving Week - Prepare for Flaking from OLD/Social Media/Social Spheres

    What's up fellas? It's Thanksgiving week and I just now got a text from a tentative first date 5 hours before the date by and OLD chick. We had been conversing and interest seemed to be running well. I didn't over invest, yet played things up with the interests I have in the outdoors. That's...
  12. D

    Can't pass online to bed having a lot of women

    Hi! Im talking about Tinder & Facebook. I know it's different than real life, but it worked years ago. Now i returned, more on Tinder, and having women interested in me, i'm direct to date and after a couple talking, nothing. They don't return more messages until i return to text her. I know...
  13. GeezerBub

    OkCupid sucks...But I'm low on options

    I live in the primary immigration of the city of Toronto. So basically, "Chinatown" on steroids. So there are VERY few people of my kind for at least a good 50km. And people here are strictly community based. The Chinese are seen chilling with strictly other Chinese people. Same with East...
  14. M

    Social Media DM's

    Is it just around my area that it's considered weird to DM a girl on social media these days? I never really understood why, just a few years ago it was okay
  15. backseatjuan

    New OLD site

    I just realized something, the no bs site I'm using is actually good for U.S. and other countries. I've checked women in NYC, and there are plenty. Try this out, just select your flag and hit search, remember to pick proper location http://love.mail.ru NYC search Try it let me know how it is...
  16. D

    Girl I don't know hangs up on me

    I've met this girl online. We arranged for a phone call and she seemed quite interested. I felt I got every possible sh*t test out there from her and passed most of them. However, toward the end, there was one sensitive topic where I started to explain myself and I instead of just brushing it...
  17. B

    Your profile pic is EVERYTHING in OLD...

    made one small change to my OLD profile...I changed my pic. Went from a selfie in a T-shirt to a group photo that I cropped so only I was in it wearing a button down shirt and jeans. My account has been going CRAZY over the last 24 hours. Got 5 unsolicited messages, 20+ profile views and...
  18. DiegoSantori

    Would it be crazy to fly to Mexico City for a woman?

    - Tired of Western women, like really tired - 2 1/2 months ago, I (25/male/German) started to chat on Instagram with a beautiful woman (26/female/Mexican) from Mexico City. I initiated the text convo. - Endless texting (she is very polite and nice but not needy), she gives me compliments, says...
  19. g3t th3 gir1

    Get more numbers & dates on dating apps

    There's this new app called "Dating Hacks Keyboard" for the iPhone,iPad and iPod touch that lets you send ready-to-use messages right from your keyboard to hot girls on dating apps. There are over 500 messages from 30 different categories that will help you get more numbers and dates. It works...
  20. C

    Online Dating - I banged over 140 girls from there without spending money

    So I am now giving back. After 5 years of online dating I have figured out the tricks to it. Had 13 girls over in a week without spending a dime. Yes I serious. It's that easy once you figure out what to say, how to master what pictures to use, the content on your profile.I have a book on amazon...