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Can't pass online to bed having a lot of women


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Aug 3, 2018
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Im talking about Tinder & Facebook. I know it's different than real life, but it worked years ago. Now i returned, more on Tinder, and having women interested in me, i'm direct to date and after a couple talking, nothing.
They don't return more messages until i return to text her.
I know there're a lot of guys out there, but i wonder if they feel some needness from me.
Last week i dated a woman, at the end of the date she asked me if i have any problem getting bridges with women. She told me im an interesting guy and she planned the date -that's ok-. I answer no, and asked her if she was worried or feeling upset cause i didn't try to kiss her. She said she doesn't like kissing at first date because most men do it with her -she's gorgeous, but she's a diva syndrome; anywat, i want sex with her-.
So after sunday we talked nicely, i told her to calling me... 1 week later she never called. She talked about dinner or lunch next time.
But i'm pretty sure if i call her again, she will talk to me and will be polite and nice and probably we date again. WTF?!
Ok, after that, i started being very direct with Tinder & Facebook. Being funny, hi, how are you, something about her pictures and then i go directly to a date.
After that proposal, and while dating her, 9 women wich did right swap on Tinder and talking or return my messages with Facebook and do me questions about me never say nothing to my proposal.
What am i doing wrong? Too direct? Very needness maybe and i don't realize of it? Maybe i go too fast... i think direct is nice, when a woman says that she likes you body, face, etc. what the f*ck more i need to do! XD
Some directions could be nice... Thanks very much.


Jan 14, 2018
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Not a fan of OLD nor do i find women online interesting.

But i did an experiment once, put up my profile name as KillMePlz and another one as The.Devil, the profile picture was my face.

Summary; I got messages/likes, and when replying, I was downright dismissive, saying at the end of the message; u r now dismissed !!!

As a result, i got laughs, playful bantering, even a challenge of sorts and offers from those women.

I ended up fvcking some and then dismissing them irl, but by then they think it's a challenge from me to them, turning them into stalkers.

So you could try it my way and enjoy it but be prepared for the stalkers.


Don Juan
May 5, 2018
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cold approaching women for me personally leads to far more interesting relationships than online . Have you tried cold approach?