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Thanksgiving Week - Prepare for Flaking from OLD/Social Media/Social Spheres


Master Don Juan
Nov 15, 2005
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What's up fellas?

It's Thanksgiving week and I just now got a text from a tentative first date 5 hours before the date by and OLD chick. We had been conversing and interest seemed to be running well. I didn't over invest, yet played things up with the interests I have in the outdoors.

That's besides the point though. Just be prepared for some flaking this week with many chicks traveling to see their families or entertaining them locally. They're going to be busy and I imagine will show higher chances of flaking this week...or... she found a better date.

Who knows. Just be ready for anything.

Have other plates or potential plates spinning in motion so you don't fall flat if you want to go this week in or around Thanksgiving.

After I got flaked, I immediately employed a variation of Glass strategy on flaking. She may reply, buffer, or make a response to reschedule, she may not. IDGAF. I was kind, cool, considerate of her medical excuse and will put her on the backburner. She now has to earn and put forth the effort to make a date happen with me.

I immediately hit up another two girls for dates. It's short notice and I'm using a reason that my schedule freed up from work/school. If nothing comes through, I'll just join a Meetup event, call up my bros, or treat myself to something good or fun.

I imagine some may want some excitement and distraction from family woes if they have a dysfunctional (most American families, haha). Play on that with your whit, she may eat it up / raise interest level.

Also, this isn't just for Thanksgiving, the behavior with OLD women this week sets the precedent for the Holidays. Some will be lonely looking for hookups, ONS, STRs or whatever. Many have different strategies based on their own individual age, demographics or goals.

Be open. Be fun. Be flexible. Be nonchalant.

Believe in your opportunities to set up dates with women. Don't be reactive when texting/calling/responding to a flake. You're busy. You're Don Juan. You're out there having fun and crushing your goals in life.

Good luck gents!