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  1. V

    Seeking Advice: Moving on or reconnect?

    Hey everyone, I've been facing a dilemma and could really use some guidance. Back in December 2021 (although I've known her since October 2021), I developed feelings for this amazing girl. It's worth mentioning that during that time, I was going through a tough period due to my parents'...
  2. inner_game

    What about love?

    New here. I get it, I do. But, what about love? The feeling of waking up to someone, cuddling and embracing them. Looking forward to seeing them and building memories together. Looking at them deep in the eyes during sex and the flood of oxytocin soon following. Do you sacrifice the...
  3. xuzaki

    Women love opportunistically ; men love idealistically

    "Women love opportunistically ; men love idealistically". I see this all over the place. But don't both men and women love opportunistically? Here's where I'm coming from: - women are attracted to males with certain qualities (good genes, status, protection, providing, etc) and can ditch a...
  4. XThrax

    Red pill for women on marriage

    I recently finished an audio book entitled Marriage a history, how love conquered marriage. A lot of people say how bad things are compared to the past but if you indulge in history you will find it has always been in flux. Even more unsettling our morality about what is right and wrong about...
  5. N

    Need help with my situation, got LJBF'd by my best friend!

    I'm in love with my best friend who I hang out with everyday, it's been like that for years now. We've traveled abroad together, we do almost everything together. I'm currently in the midst of a divorce and over the last year, me and the bestie got even closer because I would talk to her about...
  6. O

    And so it begins..

    Hello fellow adventurers. I've been stuck in a rut lately, but today something happened that I know most of you experienced - let's begin. Well, I don't know how to start actually. Right now I'm currently sitting at a cafe, heartbroken, confused, and dizzy from what happened earlier this...
  7. M

    I want to get back so bad

    My ex and i broke up 2 months ago but for a month i begged for her to come back. After that, i stopped contacting her for like 3 weeks and posted on social media how i was not bugged by our break up. I went out, met new friends, went to the gym, etc. We met a week ago because of our friend. We...
  8. casanova

    I messed up my relationship and reputation, NEED HELP FAST

    I was at a party, there was a girl from my class that I have the biggest crush on, you could say I'm in love and we hooked up and that was awesome, she told me she liked me back but we were quite drunk. We slept together, we DIDNT have sexual intercourse but we did make out and do oral things...
  9. N

    This girl has come back into my life, should I avoid her?

    So this story goes back like a year or two ago. This girl (lets call her Lia) was in love with me and I was not in love with her. But we hit it once in a while. During December 2016 I started developing feelings for her but due to winter break thought I would ask her once we got back to the...
  10. gorillaglue#4

    Been living with this girl for half a year. Need advice. (is she cheating?)

    So a little background, we moved in together extremely fast, I get it, this probably wasn't the best idea (although It did garner me free rent), we were only seeing each other for about 2 months before we moved in. Its 8 months in, roughly, so far. We live on the property of her parents in a...
  11. FatherFigure

    I need some advice

    Hello to everyone! I was just broken up with by my gf of almost 2 years, and the reason she broke up with me was that she felt I wasn't honest enough. I don't understand this, I have told her every single thing and have never done anything wrong! She literally came up with this from legit...
  12. Eric Hawkins

    She said, "I miss you."

    I am in an interesting situation. My ex girlfriend (we cohabitated) moved out about two months ago. I do not doubt that she loves me. I love her. So, what is the problem? The I'm "I'm not in love with her" situation. While we were together, she helped me a lot. But, when my 13 year old daughter...
  13. darksprezzatura


    "This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes" - Morpheus From a young age...
  14. darksprezzatura

    Ultimate Guide for a Badass Lifestyle

    Let me ask you a question, have you ever fantasised about having a Lamborghini sometimes? It's a work of art. Most of us probably can't have it but none of us spend all day pining for it. I'm sure a woman might've occupied your thoughts that way, in a oneitis situation in your past or...
  15. aritram23

    How to get her to see me more than a best-friend?

    I am 23 and have known this girl for the last 11 years and she has been calling me her best friend since the last few years. I have always thought of her as just a great friend until I started developing feelings for her 2 years ago. I feared telling her about how I felt but around the end of...
  16. aritram23

    How to get her to see me more than a best-friend?

    I am 23 and have known this girl for the last 11 years and she has been calling me her best friend since the last few years. I have always thought of her as just a great friend until I started developing feelings for her 2 years ago. I feared telling her about how I felt but around the end of...
  17. darksprezzatura

    [IMPORTANT] Opinions and Improvement on game.

    Neo: A) APPROACH: The moment you see a girl you find attractive AND want to have sex with, walk upto her calmly, face her, look her in the eyes, standing firmly two feet away and hit an opener in a slow monotone voice. 1. Hey, looks like you are having a lot of fun. 2. Excuse me, is that a...
  18. darksprezzatura

    Dodging bullets. Become Neo. [IMPORTANT]

    To the DJs out here, lifelong AFCs, Alphas, Betas, Omegas and all the pals. Reading @bradd80 's post about toxic women aka the ones with daddy issues fit so well with respect to my ex, I thought I'd reinforce his post and add my two cents to every person in need of some help. As men the...
  19. P

    Why is she acting like if she doesn't like me

    Thanks for reading me! I met this girl almost 2 years ago thanks to my mom at her church (she has been visiting the Jehovah's Witness church in the last few years), and they had become very close friends. I came to US 3 years ago with my mother. The first year I lived alone, but now I've been...
  20. Theromanceking

    Is she playing with me?

    so, this girl keeps talking to me a lot, she texts me everyday, she initiates the talks, she calls my phone (sometimes i also do it first but rarely). She calls me rude when i reply her late or don't pick up the phone, i do ignore her intentionally to make her go after me. But she has a...