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Apr 22, 2017
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The moment you see a girl you find attractive AND want to have sex with, walk upto her calmly, face her, look her in the eyes, standing firmly two feet away and hit an opener in a slow monotone voice.
1. Hey, looks like you are having a lot of fun.
2. Excuse me, is that a good _______
3. Excuse me, I'm looking for the nearest pet shop. The reason I asked you was because you look like an animal person
4. Hey, I couldn't help noticing your nails, are they real?
5. Excuse me, but I'm looking for _____ to buy for my sister for her birthday.
6. Hey, let me guess (pause) looks like you are from _______
7. Hey, I can only sit down for a minute (Sit, Don't ask)

Maintain eye contact and observe her body language to be receptive. Unless she leaves herself keep gaming whatever she does.

This is the one skill to master, like diving off a cliff into the water, all you gotta do is swim now. The fear to approach has been conquered. Shake it off and swim.

If it's day time and a random approach at a random venue and you've used a prop approach, understand that you are using 'I need an opinion approach'

She'd probably respond directly it's a good book, there's a pet shop, it's a cool laptop and probably want the conversation to end as soon as possible due to her being busy.

At that moment you start 'bull****ting'. Tell her you wanted to ask her opinion because she dressed decently, or she looks like an animal person, or she wouldn't lie to you to sell her an accessory.
Keep pausing for responses.
Smirk if it's partially funny. Do not smile during the whole approach.

You have to keep bull****ting about the prop without asking anything personal.

As you keep rambling about the prop, use these baits:
1. When I was travelling (place) people there did (something), elaborate stories, bull**** more.
2. Where I live, (relatable content)
3. I bet you, ( make fake prop related behaviour ) NO compliments
4. (Ask her more about her prop while, bull****ting your opinion and experiences and dropping baits.
All this while she might be participating in further conversation, dropping hints or baits herself, refrain from asking ANYTHING personal, including her name.
It should SEEM like you aren't interested in her physical appearance or intend to have sex with her or anything of that sort.

The baits she might give, give an opinion on that and THREAD the conversation to that particular bit while talking about the prop. The prop can be environmental, like the club space, the lights, the book she's reading, the coffee she's having, anything that draws attention except HERSELF.

It should appear you are more interested in the PROP than HER.

The focus should be on YOU and what interests you, which should never be her unless she asks you something personal using the baits YOU gave her.

Keep rambling and dropping big baits,
1. When I was gigging at (some place), (describe prop related observation)
2. When I was giving writing a book, I had to research on (something)
3. (Anything genuinely interesting or powerful that you did earlier without bragging), (Observation about props)

Sooner than later, she will bite on a bait and ask YOU a personal question.
Once she does that, you have another prop to bull**** your way through.

Unless she asks you a PERSONAL question, she's not interested.
As long as she's not interested, if you ask her a personal question it'll backfire and scare the cat.

To slay the cat you have to her bait her to ask something personal.

It's like a chicken or the egg way. Even if she's not interested, she might not understand how she got interested.
Did she become interested hence she asked the personal question or because she asked the personal question she's interested.

Basic psychology.

Once she bites on the baits, fish her. Bull**** about it more and keep dropping more baits. She's going to keep biting.
The whole point is that women work differently than men, ever see women talk? They keep talking about crap which makes no sense and just talk to bull****. IT CREATES RAPPORT.

You are creating rapport by the bull**** that you are doing and making her ask personal questions by being interesting.

As soon as she starts asking personal questions, like your name and age or something, reply calmly and ask her back.
When she tells something personal, start bull****ting again.
Relate those bull****s to your prior life expieriences while dropping baits.

Now you've created rapport.
Atleast 5-10 minutes must've passed by now.


1. Ask her whether she's GERMAN or some ethnicity. Wait for her response and bull**** why you thought so, cheekbones etc.
2. AGE, Tell her you think you are older than her, she might simply ask how old you are, ask her back.
3. LOCATION, Where does she live and bull****. It's important to bull**** about most props related to her, implying you have a lot of experience, similar to a mirror effect BPD women do.
4. NAME, by now you should've asked her name and shook her hands, linger slightly on to the hand and smile and reach back. Maintain distance, don't smile and don't lean.
5. Ask her where does she USUALLY hang out? And bull**** about the place, tell her about things which you don't really like at those place, it's somewhat similar to negs, she'd become defensive essentially making her qualify herself to you.
6. By now, tell her it was great having this conversation and you'd like to chat more or MAYBE hang out with her at that place she hangs out at. Tell her to give you her CONTACT.

Congratulations. You have her number.
If it's a day approach, walk away, it's not going to escalate, venue changes are not going to happen, she's not going to go with you if you tell her to go someplace right then.

The whole point of texting or calling is to set up a date. No questions asked. Your time and attention is of value. A couple of texts and a short phone call is the most you can muster.
If she wants your attention, she must meet you.

Set up a date with a simply ask her out. It should preferable be at a place where you could get drinks.

Do not tolerate flaky behaviour, if she's giving excuses to meet, stay calm and patient but let her know.
The whole point is to set up a date without appearing needy. Meanwhile, live your life, workout, work, approach other women.
Set up a date and reach 5-10 minutes late.
She's going to be alone and focusing on herself. Seen so many women relationship hopping?
They can't be alone due to their insecurities, they have to have someone with them.
Always be a little late even if you reach early, it'll focus her attention on your arrival.

Use basic openers:
1. Hey, are you waiting for a handsome guy here?
2. It was insane what just happened to me, (bull****)
3. As I was coming here, (bull****)
Do not compliment. Do not bring her flowers, or gifts or anything.

Any guy can bring her anything materialistic, you brought yourself that's a privilege to her.

During conversation, tease/neg her a little, pull up routines.
1. Do you workout? Flex for me. (She'll flex) Anytime now, I'm waiting.
2. Aw that's cute, your nose wiggles when you laugh.
3. Are you a cat person? (Answers), Ok I want a divorce and I'm taking the kids to France.
4. You are such bad news, I don't think we should hang out.
5. I see what you are doing, your feminine viles won't work on me

Talk about your lives, your interests, bait her more to ask more about your life, focus on her life a little, give your opinion, keep bull****ting and pull out the 4-move-game


Master Don Juan
Apr 22, 2017
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During the date, your whole game is to keep her guessing whether YOU like her, this is what will lead to sex which is the WHOLE objective.

Keeping this in mind, people might judge me or make jokes or humiliate. But as a man, I want to have sex and with lots of women and at the same time be respectful and hone my own social skills whilst protecting the investment of my time and attention which I can put on myself.

The 4 move game is to escalate.
The entire point of being with a girl is not to bull**** or practice social skills but to bang her brains out whilst making her think it happened naturally.

1. The staring contest. Challenge her to a staring contest playfully. As you stare into her eyes, tease her, tell her you lost due to your fake dry eye syndrome, wink at her maybe, cheat whatever. It's to get her the known him longer than this feeling.
2. Fix her hair. Tell her wait a minute and pick up a strand of her hair and put it back, tell her you 'fixed her hair' and smile.
3. Palm reading, tell her you are a professional palm reader and ask for her hand. If she doesn't acknowledge, tell her not to offend the psychic powers and persist. Then tell her she's going to be ambitious or successful or whatever bull**** comes into your head. The point is to break physical barriers, keep holding for 4-5 minutes and bull****, use both hands to touch her maybe. After it ends, slide her arms behind her and rest it there. If she asks, tell her it's resting there.
4. French grab, As you guys walk or shift venues, tell her to grab your arm in the french woman grabbing the man's arm style. If she resists, tell her this is what your mom tells how to be a gentleman.
5. Strawberry game. Tell her you'd like to play a game to know her. And bull**** how awesome it is. Ask her to imagine a field of strawberries, beautiful with birds flying around, get creative, bull****. Ask her how tall do you think the fence would be and add there doesn't have to be a fence though. If she says something taller than her waist, it'll tell you about her problems about physical intimacy. Ask her how many strawberries she'd have they are all juicy. If she says a high number, she's promiscuous. Ask her what would you say if the farmer caught her eating those strawberries. That's behaviour towards men after sex. When she asks you what it all meant, bull**** by making up stories that she's not satisfied with her love life at the moment, that she'd love to open up to the right guy, that she's waiting for her Prince Charming to make a move. Psychologically dominate her with whatever YOU want her to do.
By the end of the date you should've constantly broken physical barriers and touched her 'innocently', held her hand, rested it on her body while sitting, she's held your arm in the french clasp and it's all great.
At the end, escalate to kissing after finding a secluded place. Do the hair fixing again and look into her eyes then her lips, lean in gently and kiss her.
Should be like massaging her lips.
Break away before she's satisfied and maintain usual conversation.

While dropping her home, use the I want to use your washroom approach.
Ask you weasel your way in her house, try getting to her bedroom to know what kind of woman she is or its more comfortable. Keep kissing her. Use kissing as a way to work your hands around her body.

Create a lot of sexual tension. Take off her clothes. She might resist. Keep going and make it appear like it's OKAY. If it's a physical resistance and don't touch me ******* kind, back away and tell her you want her to be comfortable. Approach again and keep trying to break resistance, if she's not gonna have sex, it won't happen just kiss her and tell her you had fun and would call her soon.
Keep escalating, undressing, kissing, foreplay is the name of the game, don't let her use logic and cloud those emotional senses, as soon as you are naked, get out a condom 'just in case something happens' measure resistance and bang the **** out of her.

After sex, don't say too much and stay calm in silence and cuddle a bit. Cover her up, wear your clothes and leave after a kiss. Tell her you are hoping to see her again. Smile.

Enjoy your notch addition.



Jan 28, 2017
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Just be high value and stop fearing rejection. The rest takes care of itself.