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Master Don Juan
Apr 22, 2017
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Let me ask you a question, have you ever fantasised about having a Lamborghini sometimes?

It's a work of art. Most of us probably can't have it but none of us spend all day pining for it.

I'm sure a woman might've occupied your thoughts that way, in a oneitis situation in your past or currently.

She might not have been hotter than some other women you know yet you still pine for her and not the other woman.

Why do you think so?

Emotional Investment.

To seduce a woman, she should be more emotionally invested than you at every stage of the seduction.

Is she not open to your advances? She's not emotionally invested.

Is she flaking? She's not emotionally invested.

Outcome dependent? You are too emotionally dependent to get laid.

Approach anxiety? You are too emotionally invested in the success of the interaction.

Neediness and desperation? You are too emotionally invested in getting girls.

What is emotional investment?

Emotional investment is someone or something occupying your thoughts and actions.

It's not liking someone, you might 'like' a lot of people but you won't feel anything if they rejected you or even died.

You don't care about the Lamborghini, but if I lent you one for two months which you flaunted to people, got laid with, drove across the country, enjoyed the attention, took care of it and cleaned it.

Then I took it away. You'd be sad because you emotionally invested in it. You became attached to it and it gave you a sense of identity and power.

Ben franklin counterintuitively discovered that if person A did something for person B, person A would like person B more.

If you want people to like you, you should do something for them right? WRONG

Supplicating women, validating yourself, chasing her, buying her things, following her around, spending time with her and allowing her to treat you like trash will cause you to become emotionally invested in her and feel beneath her.

Even if you do all these things and say
"I don't care about her, I just want to bang her"

This is a bad idea because once you start doing those things, you subconsciously wire your brain to feel like a beta. Even if you didn't give a fvck, now you do.

What you do is how you'll feel, if you do loser things, you'll feel like one.

The definition of not giving a fvck is only keeping positive thoughts and emotions in your head and cutting out people, places, activities, thoughts, media that are negative.

Why is emotional investment unattractive?

Firstly, People are attracted to lives which are more attractive, interesting, exciting and better than ours. Those are the things which will occupy your head.

Women know that if she occupies your thoughts and emotions, your life sucks.

She wants to fixate her thoughts and emotions on something higher, but if your thoughts are fixated on her, she's back to square one.

Secondly, our value lies in what we can do when we are rational what we have learned in our lives, what we know how to do and what we strive to achieve and be when we are clearheaded.

Overwhelming emotions make us do irrational things. Women know that if you are irrationally nice to them, you'll be irrationally ****ty. When you show emotion, women subconsciously know you want something from them and they run away.

Women want an emotional rock on whom they can project their insecurities which he'll brush off.

Thirdly, emotional investment saps you of your vitality and awesomeness.
Tons of awesome guys become vacant shells of themselves around women because their thoughts are empty

Lastly, women are attracted to emotionally uninvested men because they cannot be thrown off their missions whatever **** they give them.

So you should remain ALOOF and not engage women at all right? WRONG AGAIN

You should show her some interest and escalate to lure her to become emotionally invested. She should feel like she's picking you and not the other way round.

Seduction is a gamble.
You have to assume attraction and have faith that the woman would invest in you, knowing she might not.

How to not be emotionally invested?
A woman who is not emotionally invested in you should not occupy a big part of your thoughts and emotions. You must have your heart and mind on other things when interacting with women. You shouldn't make space for her in your head and heart. Women are the dessert to a good life, not your life itself.

1) Realise you don't need to emotionally invest in any situation.

2) Build an interesting an awesome life that occupies your thoughts and emotions.

3) Have abundance mentality with respect to women

4) Have boundaries and be unperturbable

5) Focus on your fun first.

6) Only do something for a woman if she will do it for you

- Learn to say NO.
- Have the ability to walk away, even permanently.
- If your regular life doesn't make you happy, you will invest in bad things and become addicted and depressed.
- When getting emotional, fill your thoughts with things which you love and your purpose.
-On dates your emotional investment should be, where's the party, what's the next best thing?

By posting this article, I am investing in this forum thereby attaching myself more, it doesn't make the people like me, I'm doing it because I want to do it.

Do not invest emotionally in activities, people or institutions which do not care about you or produce a return that equals the investment you put into them.

You are what you do
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Master Don Juan
Apr 20, 2014
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Was just thinking about this, this morning. Overly emotional investment I would say is the number one problem for most guys who come to this forum - and still is for many.

You see at least one or two threads a week, moaning about the 'ways of women', or how 'AWALT' etc etc, blablabla, yawn. These kind of stories have been done to death. The nature of women is very well documented and does not need trawling over every fckn week. All I see in those threads is men who are not in control of their emotional centres; but of course, they'll attest that they are only that way because the entire species of women fcked them over somehow.

There's nothing wrong with emotional investment as a man; but learning how to experience and express those emotions as a man is something many here are yet to do.