1. M

    Older woman then me

    There is a woman of about 50 who lives near me, she has a second home here and often comes alone to my city (she is married but I think she has some problems with her husband),l. Every now and then I meet her at the bar, time ago I approached her, I told her that she is a beautiful woman and I...
  2. M

    Please, help!

    Guys, I need your help, I already talked about it some time ago, there is a woman much older than me, to whom I feel a strong attraction, she is the aunt of a friend of mine, we talk and see often, she knows that I am attracted from her, she loves me, but I can't resist anymore, I don't feel at...
  3. AntoniousIV

    Is this post authentic? (warning, longer read)

    OP - So I met this girl on campus. Was waiting with a bunch of friends to go climbing with the climbing club, and saw her walking past: blonde, tan, long legs in tight shorts. Damn, better get me a girl like that, I thought. Well she walks over to us. She’s here to try out climbing. Nice...
  4. Mjolnir21


    A FELLOW MAN IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP. Before you continue reading my post, please know I'm not an AFC. In all honesty, I was just outsmarted. I have read TRM, participated in this forum and have had my fair share of trysts. I'll try to keep it short; background: I'm a 22 y/o straight male...
  5. P

    rejection and rejection

    I have got rejected a lot of times over time and sometimes girls seemed interested but i could not hold the conversation for long... few days ago i approached a girl and told her that girls in her college are cute. obviously i am talking about other girls. i used to this specific opener on few...
  6. M


    I'm going through a difficult time, I'm unmotivated, I have a tiring working life but I like it, I haven't had sex for a while, I go to the beach and dinner with friends during the week but I feel that there is something wrong with me, any advice ??
  7. xavier_2000

    Mentors’ daughter?

    Legit this is a hella awkward situation for me. I have a business mentor who in my opinion is one of the most brilliant problem solvers I’ve ever met. Great man and his wife is like a second mom to me. I got lucky I met him as I got In the startup space and he runs a Think Tank. Anyways. Was...
  8. E

    How affectionate can I be towards my spinning plates?

    Can I call them by nicknames? Can I be passionate when I have sex or hook up with them? Can I maybe gift them something minimal on their birthdays? Also, how often should I talk to them? I usually dont text at all unless it is to set up a hang out but still want to know if maybe talking to...
  9. W

    Tried dating my ex-wifes best friend with her permission, now idk what to do..

    I've been reading the rational male and so much stuff is connecting for me but I'm looking for some feedback/mentorship on a situation I'm in. I'll be as brief as possible. Started seeing a girl 4 months ago basically every day. Have known her for like 13 years and we have been friends the...
  10. Aurora Demon

    Can you change your username? (If so, how?)

    I submitted a help ticket but didn't get a reply yet. I'm about to travel for a week and may not see it. I hope this isn't against the rules, but I didn't see anything about this topic. Worst case scenario, I get banned, and remake an account with the name I want. (jk lol) Please help...
  11. G

    How can I tell if a girl that is outgoing likes me?

    So, i've been hanging out with this girl from a town 15 miles from my home. I met her first day of training on a new job, she was also a trainee. I was working up to ask her if she wanted to go to the festival and she said "if you're asking me to go then its a yes". The whole time we've been...
  12. TheBalalaikaMan

    Any advice for a painfully average guy?

    Hey guys. It's me. The Balalaika Man. I'm new here and stuff. I'll try to avoid using the word 'I' too much, without writing out my whole life story too. But there are a few things about me that need to be said. Well first off, turned 18 about six months back. Studying mechanical engineering...
  13. E

    Help me schedule my training

    Hi , I´ve decided to take my gym training serious but I have no idea of what kind of workouts/excercises I should do , I´m going to the gym 5 days a week , so do u guys have any sugestions on what splits and sets should I try?. Let my know what you would recommend. Thanks in advance.
  14. GeezerBub

    So ummm...Not so sure anymore.

    Hello peopulz... So tomorrow I'm to meet someone I've been chatting with on OKC with for a bit and all is well until she sends me the following... "Wait, yeah, no there's no way my anxiety is chill with meeting another stranger. If we do meet, I'd like to at least not have to pretend to be...
  15. M

    I want to get back so bad

    My ex and i broke up 2 months ago but for a month i begged for her to come back. After that, i stopped contacting her for like 3 weeks and posted on social media how i was not bugged by our break up. I went out, met new friends, went to the gym, etc. We met a week ago because of our friend. We...
  16. J

    What Should I Do?

    Hello, First of all my name is Jack and I'm thankful that you've taken the time to read this. I'll get straight into it. I'm 21. And in May my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Unfortunately, due to feminized conditioning through being raised by a single mother, I latched on to the...
  17. N


    let's start the tale , My dad is Asian and My mother black . ' Dark ' despite being fair at birth i am dark too - because she made me ? how by using oil and tanning me all these years , for that i had to face racism growing up in Asian society and developing an inferiority complex - that's a...
  18. A

    She said I have to earn her kiss?

    So I have been out with this girls and everytime I tried to kiss her she says “you have to earn that” I thought it was her playing hard to get but she invites me to her apt and it was raining so I had to spend the night and she tells me to get in bed with her, but I didn’t try anything sexual...
  19. A

    Need urgent advice for a chick

    Hey guy, first time posting here. So i need some advice about a cheek, iv been following corey waynes stuff for many years and doc love stuff not so much just recently i came across his work, i booked a session with him as well. Apart from that im trying to perfect my game, but this current...
  20. GeezerBub

    OkCupid sucks...But I'm low on options

    I live in the primary immigration of the city of Toronto. So basically, "Chinatown" on steroids. So there are VERY few people of my kind for at least a good 50km. And people here are strictly community based. The Chinese are seen chilling with strictly other Chinese people. Same with East...