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  1. C

    Thinking of getting into AI dating

    I'm thinking of getting into AI dating. Tinder and Bumble haven't given me much luck lately for some reason. AI dating seems to be a new thing people are talking about on podcasts. Heard of one called Suave or Suave.chat that sounds new and legit, anyone tried it or AI dating in general?
  2. L

    Where did I went wrong?

    Hello, I am 19 and new to this platform. In fact, any dating platform Recently, I have been reading The Rationale Male, and from there, I read about SoSuave, so I decided to check it out. This post will be long since I do not know how to write a short summary, so if you can bear with me, point...
  3. P

    approaching two girls at once?

    imagine two girls who are friends are walking together so do you think i can approach both of them at the same time to be my gf? secondly what do you think of a girl using her friend(girl) to say something to her bf or someone she likes? is it because she is afraid of direct confrontation? one...
  4. M

    When she refuses to come home on a first date

    Have you ever lost opportunities because you invited a girl over at the end of the first date? And she refused? I do more than once, especially when I'm not interested in having a second date. Sometimes I'm too clingy, once I get to kissing I can't help myself and I push to have sex, that's...
  5. M

    Help dating older woman

    Guys, I need some advice, for a few years now I've been attracted to a woman much older than me who, among other things, is the aunt of a friend of mine, and this has always held me back, we talk on the phone sometimes, a a couple of times she also invited me to her house for a coffee, one of...
  6. M


    I'm making this thread for a personal outlet. I have never had an easy life, my father died when I was 10, my mother abandoned me when I was 14 and luckily I was adopted by my paternal grandparents, my grandmother died in 2018 and I currently live with my grandfather, I am now 32 and a few...
  7. M

    My last night experience

    I wanted to share my experience last night with you, I was on the beach with friends and around 6pm we went to another nearby beach where there was a party, I'm not used to drinking anymore and we had 4 drinks in a short time, so I was a a little tipsy (as mentioned in my other posts, I don't...
  8. M


    Are you lazy with women? If I think about my life I certainly could have had many more relationships, but I'm very lazy, I've never had very long relationships and consequently I've gotten used to being fine alone. I kind of envy some people I know because they're always on point like they...
  9. M

    Amazing Pua

    Guys, yesterday I discovered a pua that closed 147 girls in one year, I saw some of his videos, I like his style, he is very direct and his way of doing could be very helpful to me because I tend to be very introverted and not a excellent communicator If I can link you the channel or tell you...
  10. M

    Cold approach

    I approached a girl a little while ago and one of the first things she told me was that she's engaged, I didn't insist because she was too young, she's 18 and I'm 32. When they tell you they are engaged what do you do? do you insist? do you still ask for her number? If it weren't for that...
  11. M


    Little story that happened recently I was texting a girl with whom we have mutual friends, she was very invested, she accepted flirting, long messages, voicemails, I asked her out after a few messages giving her the option to see us one day or the next, she managed to find excuses saying...
  12. M

    Text game tips

    Ok guys I wanted to share with you some points about text games with girls you don't know, hoping that I can help you in my small way. Based on my experiences, as already mentioned by many if a girl is interested she won't make your life difficult, she will be more receptive and will invest a...
  13. M

    Dating, social media

    Ok guys now I'm curious to hear your opinions and every day I can think of one haha It often happens that girls who follow me on social networks unfollow me for no reason It would seem that they are not interested but once I dated a girl who years ago removed me from facebook and revealed to...
  14. M

    Dating or work?

    Have you always put yourself out there with women even if you weren't financially well off? I'm 32 years old and unfortunately I don't have a permanent job, for a while I dated girls despite the situation but now I'm more focused on getting in shape financially. What do you think about it? Maybe...
  15. G

    Can it ever work out without a strong initial spark?

    I'm a 35 yo male, never married, I read the Rational Male books (1-2). I was thinking about this a few times before, maybe it's not really a red pill topic but generally about relationships. A few times in my life I went on a date with a girl who was attractive, intelligent but somehow I didn't...
  16. J

    the system doc love vs the rational male opininion?

    hey guys even though the two books have some things in common they are some topics where there are some differences. For example: • In the system doc says on the first date you should make the girl feel comfort it will rise her interest lvl. • In the rational male rollo says comfort in the...
  17. J

    Rollo tomassi Game book

    I have a question about tomassis book maybe some of you know the answer. He said its better to give hints about your life than to just tell her directly. For example saying that your long hours of studying are making you tired instead of saying that you are becoming a doctor (because it will...
  18. E

    Problems we face in international dating and making friends around the world.

    Hey, everybody! I am a member of a small startup. We try to find the solution to make new friends and relationships online easily. I would like to discuss problems that usually appear when you date worldwide online. It would be nice to make a call with you to get feedback. Thanks a lot.
  19. W

    Tried dating my ex-wifes best friend with her permission, now idk what to do..

    I've been reading the rational male and so much stuff is connecting for me but I'm looking for some feedback/mentorship on a situation I'm in. I'll be as brief as possible. Started seeing a girl 4 months ago basically every day. Have known her for like 13 years and we have been friends the...
  20. Firecrotch66

    Beginning to realize my girlfriend might be insane. Need advice if I should walk away.

    Been trying to get her to get vaccinated. Her excuse last night was "Why should I get vaccinated if I'm not sick." Then I explained to her the whole point of vaccination is help those with autoimmune disorders not get infected. To help the elderly. To ensure there is a possibility of ending the...