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Recent content by Mr CIDH

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    The final word on online dating

    Dating sites are crap since there are 10 times more guys compared to women and women there are spoiled with attention by all the AFCs. They often are there because have problems meeting guys. Random chats are better for meeting chicks especially when you are still are still quite young. Lots...
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    Hello. I'm new here.

    Welcome to the forum. You sound like you have self issues, which can use some help and might be that your looking more for a friend than a GF. GFs won't fix you lonely issues. Go seek a cool friend or if you want someone to talk emotional issues with or try a female friend which you feel...
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    Why help other guys become DJs?

    If you help lifelong friend, you can count on them not ****blocking you. AFCs here.. why not? They live far away. Teach an AFC thats after the same women.. thats where you get drama.
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    Going after taken girls

    Girls who lack the decency to FIRST break up with the dude then go with are crappy. It's not like the girl has no choice to leave, whatever. You can go for the tail, but never ever a LTR or even something close. Once crap, always crap. Friends go before the girl, always.
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    Some "advice" for the people posting it.

    Says the dude who gives the prime example by opening a mad topic himself about what happens on the internet. Dude you are funny like sh1t. I bet you are having the time of your life on this forum.
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    Some "advice" for the people posting it.

    ElStud post are so dang funny. The name: El Stud. The drama in his posts "Don Juans flaming me". The repeated telling people "I'm a virgin". The knowing better and still asking for advice. EdStud is not real. No way. It is someone laughing their ass off behind the computer.
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    Bad Boys have good genes!

    Women often call guys that they love and that dump them bad boys, even if they are no jerks who treat them like sh1t. It's backwards rationalising. Women to friends: He is SUCH an ass!!! I loved him so much and did my best but he dumped me!! I was GOOD to him!!! Female friends in chore: He is...
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    Nice GIRLS Finish Last

    Beeing a true DJ is not about these d1ck things. Beeing a jerk gets you more women than beeing a 'nice guy', but beeing a true DJ, instead of a jerk is the top level you can reach. DJ game with a lotta ****y + funny works and you don't have to be an ass or jerk at all to get women. Just don't...
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    Pros and cons of being a late bloomer.

    Dude go ask your psychiatrist for different meds. I am manic depressive I know where you are coming from. Going back to depression or getting suicidal aint gonna help you get happy with girls either, will only make **** worse, better go try find a similar antidepressant that kills your sexdrive...
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    She lied to me about who she's f*cked...how concerned should I be?

    You might scare away that girl with your insecurities. Why on earth not let her talk with exes?!
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    I get no SEX .. Nada from 5 month gf wtf

    This is so idiotic it made me crack up laughing. Troll alert.
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    How to help a BEYOND AFC friend.

    I have friends like that too. I got a few of them to be at a datingsite, one got a GF after 2 years through it.The rest is hopeless because they are and under averagely handsome and none of them wants to improve.
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    Have you ever had a plate come back and had no idea why?

    Yeah. I had that a few times. One of the girls had a BF in between. It was my first success girl, I once banged her, had no idea how to proceed since I was new to beeing able to bang a girl without relationship and I did not see her for a month. She now is two guys further and back again...
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    Looks don't mean anything?!

    Looks make it easier but I know a guy who is dang ugly (bald, ugly face, not that fat but belly and dresses badly). He has no issues getting women at all. So yeah apparently you can make up for it. Another guy I know is very tall, very fat, he is very arrogant and he manages to date several...
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    How does one "fake" a social life when he doesn't have one?

    Volunteer work is chill to meet people, I do volunteer work and most volunteers are women. Lots of women there, both the other volunteers and women who come by for help. Or if you are really low on spare time, try salsa or ballroom dancing. It takes just an hour every week. You get to talk...