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  1. B

    Learning Text Game

    I get numbers easily from girls that I already have rapport with. But inviting them out is rather difficult. (via text I mean) What are some good ressources to learn the basics of text game? Or can you guys give me some guidelines of dos and don'ts.
  2. B

    How long should one wait to text?

    So this saturday a few friends and I organized a party. (I was doing drinks, so that gave me status) A chick was interested in me, we danced, kissed and went into the bathroom to make out. I brought her to my place, we slept together but didn't ****. (I know I should have gone for it, but it was...
  3. CollegeMan22

    How to you Get a Woman From Number to Partner

    After you get a woman's number and a bit of attraction, how do you continue on with her? I think that you need two types of interaction after you meet them: 1. regular types of interaction to get to know her better, and 2. formal and exclusive dates. Partners hang out with one another a lot, but...
  4. H

    "She's texting back less - should I cancel the date??"

    It's a scenario that I've seen happen time and time again: man meets woman, man and woman exchange messages, man asks woman on date, woman says "yes" to date, man continues to text woman non-stop, woman starts to give shorter answers to man and/or waits longer to message man back... and now, man...
  5. Jariel

    How do you game girls who can't hold a conversation?

    Some of the hottest girls I match with on dating apps are usually the most dumb and dull. Messages barely exceed a single sentence and consist of "what u upto?" or "how r u?" and basic yes/no answers to my questions. The truth is I never know how to talk to these girls on this level or how to...
  6. D

    A girl has used meme she sent me as her DP

    So I've been talking to this girl who has gone cold. We were doing great, joking around flirting and having fun. She even asked for a picture and the conversation progressed after that. She sent a meme on which we had a good laugh and exchanged a story and she has now put it as her DP. I think...
  7. Black Magic

    Can you help me respond to this message?

    Alright, I've been chatting up this girl on social media for almost a year now. I asked her out early on and she seemed sort of into it but then said she had plans. I was ok with it cause at the time I was trying not to date so it worked out. However, I'm ready to start dating again so've been...
  8. SH03C

    Engaging Before A First Date

    Hi all. I’m interested in some feedback on how to keep a girl interested prior to a planned date. Here’s the scenario: I started going back to the gym again a few months back and took notice to this very cute personal trainer. At some point I started to feel maybe she had some interest, i’d...
  9. B

    Texting between dates

    Hey All, Went on a good first date on a Saturday that ended with kissing/heavy petting in my car as I drove her home/dropped her off. While I could have tried extending the date and asked to go inside her home with her, I chose not to. Upon getting home myself, she texted me asking to hangout...
  10. F

    Is Meeting at My House A Turn-Off?

    On Wednesday, I was texting with this girl I met at a bar last weekend and she agreed to come to dinner with me next Friday. She lives about an hour from me and she agreed to drive to have dinner around my area. Here's the final snippet of my convo: me: Sounds fun. How about next Friday then...
  11. P

    Texting Guides: B4UTXTHER & HOW2TXTHER

    I came across these books on many forums to improve your text game, but I am not able to find them anywhere :( Does anyone know where i can download or if anyone has a copy, could you please send it to me?
  12. N

    How often to text? What is good text game?

    So when I’m starting to get to know a girl before asking her out on a date on average how much should I be texting/Snapchatting her? And is there any way anyone can link me good examples of text game? Like an article or something? I get the concepts now but if I had some examples it’d make this...
  13. P

    How would Don Juan Text?

    Hi, So I was talking to this girl who I found on instagram. Negged her and got on talking terms. While texting I asked her to connect me with one of her friend who lives nearby (Exact message: "Why don't you be a nice little girl and introduce me to her! "). To that she replies just "No". What...
  14. N

    Texting Tips?

    So we all know when you’re texting a girl you need to be light flirty and fun yadda yadda yadda. But when you’re first talking and working towards getting her on that first date how often should you be texting her? What should you talk about? I’ve heard you should just text about y’alls shared...
  15. F

    Banged an old plate, should I reach out?

    Hey guys, I have a quick question about a girl I recently reconnected with. I was seeing C for a couple months this summer when she told me she had to stop seeing me because things were getting serious between her and another guy. Fine with me, I went no contact and haven’t thought about her...
  16. T

    To call or not to call

    Hey all, how's it going? I got a quick question here that I'd like some clarity on. I ran into a woman that I had dated before at a gas station early one morning. She was looking good adn we actually started having a decent convo right there in the gas station. But, being the passive...
  17. J

    Best time of day to text ?

    Have been trying to sharpen up my sword a bit; landed this dimes number few days back want to set up drinks For me its either 10-11am Or after 7pm Thoughts on this?
  18. Thorninmyside

    It's not juggling if you're only holding one ball

    We get a lot of threads where a poster's only girl is referred to as a plate. He's worried about losing her. He screens her every text for possible **** tests. He considers every word he sends back as though it may cause a catastrophic turn of events that might dry up the plate's ***** (tip: you...
  19. B

    Want to virtually eliminate flaking? Try this...

    There is one piece of advice that I have tried and tried to follow but have had mediocre at best results while doing it. And that is "going ghost" from the time you set the date until the actual date. I know this is some "sacred" ploy according to many on here, but I'm here to tell you it's a...
  20. B

    Talking to Multiple Women

    Can someone explain this concept to me? Because the way I thought, I believed that you should only invest feelings and time in one person and not have multiple people thinking that they have a chance with you etc. like you're a pimp or something. But the DJ bible and people on this site think...