1. Money & Muscle

    Nice Guy Texting Mistakes to Avoid

    Read an article and figured it was worth reposting. Pulled from r/Seduction here. Nice Guy Texting Mistakes to Avoid Any critiques or criticisms? Anything to add?
  2. B

    Why should I give her my number instead of vice versa?

    This is sth. I read often here I don't really understand. When I meet girls for the first time, we get along well and I'd like to invite her why shouldn't I ask for her number and set up a date then? Taking initiative should be our modus operandi, shouldn't it? It makes sense giving her my...
  3. M

    Dating, social media

    Ok guys now I'm curious to hear your opinions and every day I can think of one haha It often happens that girls who follow me on social networks unfollow me for no reason It would seem that they are not interested but once I dated a girl who years ago removed me from facebook and revealed to...
  4. B

    Learning Text Game

    I get numbers easily from girls that I already have rapport with. But inviting them out is rather difficult. (via text I mean) What are some good ressources to learn the basics of text game? Or can you guys give me some guidelines of dos and don'ts.
  5. J

    Should I keep pursuing or cut her off?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and can't really make sense of what's happening with this girl. So there's this girl I met a couple weeks ago through my friend and I asked her out to meet once. Well long story short, she showed up late and since I had somewhere to be, I left after meeting for...
  6. CollegeMan22

    Woman Keeps Texting and Calling Me to Ask Questions — How to Proceed?

    So I gamed this girl (HB 7.5) on Thursday at a Halloween party and got her number. She then invited me to another Halloween party last night, which I went to with her. We went with her HB5 best friend, who was also there when I met her. I did a lot of neg hits with HB7.5 and got in a lot of kino...
  7. Black Magic

    Can you help me respond to this message?

    Alright, I've been chatting up this girl on social media for almost a year now. I asked her out early on and she seemed sort of into it but then said she had plans. I was ok with it cause at the time I was trying not to date so it worked out. However, I'm ready to start dating again so've been...
  8. C

    Should I text her? Need help with text decipher....please

    New to this game, just separated from wife of 18 years. Listened to RM once, then went out and plied some game stuff, nothing crazy like I said I just unplugged like 2 days before. . Was sick tho like the fog lifted!! what I saw unfolding in front of my eyes at a couple bars . So I end up...
  9. H

    So there's a problem with this girl I like

    There's this girl I like. And I've noticed some clues that she might like me aswell. I started texting her and replies fast and the conversation is great and all but suddenly sometimes she just goes offline but when she comes back online she doesn't respond to the message (sometimes she even...
  10. B

    Talking to someone who likes somebody else

    I've had my eyes on this girl for a while now. She was in a relationship like two months ago, got out of it, and now she's talking to somebody again. I didn't even know she was looking for someone but sure enough, she's in the talking stage with someone already. He doesn't go to our school...
  11. B

    Got her number. Now what?

    I saw this cute girl on one of my friends social media. I asked my friend who she was and for whatever reason she sent a picture of me to her and said that "my friend wants to talk to ya". An hour later and I now have her number. But this girl looks to be out of my league and I'm sure has a lot...
  12. pyros

    reply after 3 whole weeks

    So I met this girl like a month ago, we texted back and forth, and we ended up dancing at the same club because our group of friends were going to the same place. There we danced, talked, and had a fun time. Some days later I texted her...AND SHE HAS REPLIED TO MY TEXT THREE WEEKS LATER. lmao...
  13. R

    Need some help with this girl and her strange behaviors

    Hey guys I'm 25 years old and new to this site , even though I have read articles and forums on this site prior to becoming a member. I could definitely use some insight on this girl I recently met a couple weeks ago and her strange behavior towards me. So here is my diemma. So last weekend me...
  14. pyros

    texts before a date

    So, do you guys try to get to know a girl, just a bit, before you ask her out? or do you , for example, get her number one night, talk to her for 3 minutes (you get her name, age, and some random information about her), then some day you text her mainly to ask her out on a date? I say this...
  15. Maximus Rex

    What is "Good Text Game?"

    Y'all already know how dear ole Rex feels about texting, and "good text game," exists in the same realm as unicorns, Zeus, leprechauns, and females that respond positively to unwarranted acts of chivalry. However, on occasion see a post from somebody saying that they have "good text game."...