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  1. CollegeMan22

    First FWB Doesn't Want to Continue and Wants Something "Serious"

    So I've been into game for about a year now, and got my first FWB three weeks ago. This girl went out with me, told me she had a "boyfriend" many times (to which I just said "ok"), and would not let me kiss her or hold her hand. So I thought things were over. But then she messaged me a few days...
  2. Q

    Dealing with a girl who has serious issues

    Hey everyone! A long-time lurker, first-time poster here. I discovered this forum a couple of years ago after the break-up with my GF and I’m eternally grateful for all the information I got here. Now it’s my turn to give back and, hopefully, I'll not only analyze the situation I’m in but help...
  3. steve2830

    Someone here have or had a fwb or a ****buddy?

  4. F

    How do I Hook Up with My FWB's Friend?

    Hey Guys, so I've been hooking up with chick (my FWB, let's call her R) but things have been cooling off recently. We were both going to the same music festival over the weekend, she texted me and we met up. While I was hanging out with her, I met her friend, let's call her N, who was...
  5. pyros

    girl told me while drunk that she would not confess cheating

    I've been dating this girl and a few weeks ago, after a couple of drinks she said that she would not cheat on her boyfriend...(good), but that if it happened she would not tell him (bad). Is this enough to just think about her as a fwb and nothing more?
  6. M

    She was thinking of me

    A female I had a thing with about two years ago put a status up and I replied to her in a private message. The first thing she says is, "I was just thinking of you this morning, how crazy!" She is in college 4 hours away, so we both agreed to just do our own thing and ended up losing touch for...
  7. greatsnake

    experience with a single mom

    From the get-go, the sex was amazing-- everything that I would want was available. At times, I would even forget that she had a child given her freedom. I thought to myself that this was the woman might me the one. After a good 6 months of sharing, she started asking me to come to her family...
  8. pyros

    slvuttiest young girl Ive met

    I've been seing this 21 years old girl for around three months now. We have a lot of fun together, she's smart, kind, happy, sex is very good...but she's just a 6. We dont have anything serious but it is not just a fwb relat Anyway, the thing is that...she is TOO MUCH OF A SLUT. Really, I...
  9. pyros

    dont invest in today's average slvts

    I have a 24 years old good female friend who is not more than an HB6 at best but this is not an obstace for her to be a total slvt. See this, she's been having a "LTR" with a guy who lives in another country for six months and: They talk almost everyday via skype or phone. They text everyday...
  10. pyros

    nowadays all young girls are slvts

    are they? I mean, I am seing this 21 years old girl (just casual, I dont want anything serious with her), and from what she's told me I have concluded that: 1 She's banged around 10-15 guys. 2 She's don a threesome with her exbf and another girl. 3 she has sex with a new guy within two or three...
  11. kronreiff

    Keeping your cool and your word.

    Strange how things change with women. The plate I've been spinning for over 3 years (solid HB-8.5-9) has begun her sh!t testing the last couple of months. To add to it, I moved a few things to her house and was hanging out there more. Big mistake! It wasn't oneitis, since I know her so well...
  12. B

    FR: Lied about age, told her not interested in dating, then asked to be FWB...

    Went out with a HB 6.5, maybe a 7 if she gets dressed up...decent body, nice rack...cute face...she tells me she works a lot and nobody ever actually wants to meet, they only chat with her, and the last time she was in a real relationship was 6 years ago(aka in need of c0ck) Date was going...