1. E

    What is the equivalent of a female prostitute on a male?

    simps? Modern looksmaxer/nice guy? Single mom betabuxxer? Guys who pay for sex? Onlifans subscribers? IG thot followers? Cuckolds?
  2. D

    How to transform

    I am a new member of this forum and the whole manosphere, discovered the red pill at 21 after being cheated on, for the past year I have been constantly improving myself physically, mentally and career wise but seem to have hit a roadblock now. After reading the Rational Male, I realised I've...
  3. S

    Is getting married for betas?

    I think that by getting married the man is officially acknowledging his submission to the woman. What do you think about it?
  4. TheNewStyle123

    Beta Desperation. Thoughts?

    A plate I am spinning was telling me about the desperate attempts some guys make at her via social media (not sure why she was sharing, probably to spark jealously in me. She is much more into me than I am into her due to SMV). I thought this was a pretty hilarious text conversation from this...
  5. G

    28 YO Man Getting Player by 23 yo Female?

    Hey guys, I am a beta who found game. I used this game to acquire a solid 8/9 out of 10. It was what you would call a oneitis nice guys dream. We are dating over a month now. Right from the start it was complete transparency about how we felt for one another. We agreed there was the potential...
  6. Black Magic

    I Need an Alpha Mindset

    Hey all, first post. I'm new to Red Pill thanks to The Rational Male, No More Mr. Nice Guy, and other sources, and feel like I have a long road of recovery ahead. Backstory...been sober for a few years and almost a year ago joined another 12 step program for relationships. I have not...
  7. T

    **** block definition

    I'm trying to understand the definition of **** block is. Is it usually a man or a woman? Or both? Are there common situations one needs to be aware of? I've been noticing more and more that you get these weird cling on blokes who are so ****ing boring they just "hang" but then at opportune...
  8. N


    let's start the tale , My dad is Asian and My mother black . ' Dark ' despite being fair at birth i am dark too - because she made me ? how by using oil and tanning me all these years , for that i had to face racism growing up in Asian society and developing an inferiority complex - that's a...
  9. CamCam

    Banishing my Beta

    It's funny; taking the red pill has no immediate effect. It takes time. It's more like a slow awakening for me. As I'm becoming more aware; I've noticed things that are really surprising to me. I've noticed, that beta-me has created an environment around myself that is NOT conducive to being...
  10. evan12

    Prince Harry, the alpha beta

    Today prince Harry got married from a divorced woman older than him by 3 years. if you argue she is celebrity, I would argue she is not your typical hot celebrity, in fact she has barley average look. Although he is officer in army , in today wedding he looked very beta. he looked like high...
  11. B

    Stumbling back to Beta

    So there’s a girl I’m seeing, been with her about a year. She got some medical issues and went to go see her gyn because of immense pain she was feeling down there. Her gyn told her from he scans they did, there’s a very little chance of her being able to have kids. She came to see me the day...
  12. GoodOne123

    Arguments with family. Was I wrong?

    I currently live in my mother's house. I am doing this to save a bit of money before I move out. I contribute to bills and taxes already. But I do also give lifts with my car if I'm needed. Yesterday I gave a lift to my mother to a store. She said I should drive her back home from there...
  13. darksprezzatura


    "Very few men are wise by their own counsel or learned by their own teachings, for he that was only taught by himself had a fool for a master" - Ben Johnson Social proof in simple terms is a man's social worth, that men follow him and women like him. In short, it means being a leader of men...
  14. Game0ver

    Help me to eradicate my last piece of beta in me

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on the forum, although I've already seen several discussion as a spectator. With the following, my intent is to ask you for help to defeat the last and most painful beta-behavior that's still rooted within myself. Ready? Let's go. Problem: I'm not used to...
  15. A

    Advice on my first break up (dump)

    Hello everyone, I am a long time lurker and old poster. The last time I posted here I was chasing a girl, and when I managed to get her, I fell out of the DJ life. I thought that having a woman completed me, how wrong i was... I stopped improving myself, heck I stopped improving. I've been...
  16. S

    from Alfa to Beta ... and back to Alfa

    Hi all 6 years ago, I ended up in a toxic relationship. I was on the bad side. Anyway. Painful long healing, but it learned me a lot. I started to construct a much more stronger own life. And this with an attitude, that's me. Take it or leave it. Enjoying my time. Really. Travelling a lot and...
  17. pyros

    beta guy begging for a date

    So I was watching this tv show called First Date, and there was this super beta guy that just kept begging and begging. He complimented her many times, he said that she was the hottest girl he's ever been on a date with, he said that he was super lucky to have met her etc, etc; all this while...
  18. I

    The nature of the threat: Disrespect

    The nature of the threat If a man is in awe of a woman, and a woman knows her own nature, there is no way she can respect that man. She knows she is fundamentally not worthy of that man’s affection and respect. When a man looks at a female, he looks at the final product: the clothes, the...
  19. B

    One Night Stand - Gauranteed Success!

    Previously, I created a thread about what it would take to make a woman love you forever. It's titled "All it takes is two things to make her love you forever." It's more oriented towards a ltr whereas this thread is geared towards the modern day womanizer. If you would like to get laid at your...
  20. B

    Looking for different perspectives!

    Men, I have worked on eliminating my ego for the past few years in order to free my mind from myself. I would like to think that I have succeeded in part. I'm married and am the head of my household. I have set boundaries and have set my family on a course to be great in my eyes. I believe I'm...