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  1. L

    Where did I went wrong?

    Hello, I am 19 and new to this platform. In fact, any dating platform Recently, I have been reading The Rationale Male, and from there, I read about SoSuave, so I decided to check it out. This post will be long since I do not know how to write a short summary, so if you can bear with me, point...
  2. M


    I'm making this thread for a personal outlet. I have never had an easy life, my father died when I was 10, my mother abandoned me when I was 14 and luckily I was adopted by my paternal grandparents, my grandmother died in 2018 and I currently live with my grandfather, I am now 32 and a few...
  3. CollegeMan22

    Personal Game Bible

    I have some second hand advice to relay to you guys. One Game author who I read recommended to create a document (on your computer or physically) of all of the game strategies and tactics that have been successful for you (or that you have read about). I have done this for the past 1.5 years...
  4. M


    Are you lazy with women? If I think about my life I certainly could have had many more relationships, but I'm very lazy, I've never had very long relationships and consequently I've gotten used to being fine alone. I kind of envy some people I know because they're always on point like they...
  5. CollegeMan22

    A Review of the Basics

    I see a lot of useless bickering on here about the state of women in general. Women might not be up to the caliber they once were, and they probably have higher standards. Okay. Well guess what? That’s the game now. That’s the premise of approaching women. It is best to accept reality as...
  6. B

    Dating/plate exhaustion

    For people who have been plate spinning for a while, do you get exhausted from it? Im very introverted and have been spinning a few plates the past couple months and just feel super drained and now just want heaps of time to myself. I tend to withdraw socially when I feel like this and...
  7. B

    No sex yet after 5 dates

    This follows a post I made a few weeks ago: https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/advice-after-second-date.277333/ So I've been continuing to see her and we've been making out but when I try escalate further she gets awkward and doesn't seem to want to take it further. I think she's the slow...
  8. B

    Advice after second date

    First time poster. Recently discovered the Rational Male and Rollo's content has really resonated with me. After living the oneitis life I've recently begun plate spinning and changing my mindset is working wonders for me. Anyway the reason for this post is to get opinions/confirm my...
  9. A

    Advice on female (or male) tenant in my home

    Hello everyone! New here. I’d love to hear your opinions on my thoughts regarding my search for a new tenant in my spare bedroom. For context, I’m a ~30 year old single male earning decent money, great physique (<12% body fat, 6 pack, gym 6x a week). I’m at a very happy place in my life -...
  10. T

    Are Male Friends Worth It?

    Hello Sosuave members, I came here looking for insight into your individual lives to compare and contrast the value of having male friends. I'm currently 20 Years old, I will be turning 21 next week. In my life, I mainly had negative experiences with multiple male social groups. I came across...
  11. A

    Where to now (asking for advice)

    Being new to this forum but having read some books about dating at 24 ayears of age, I can confidently say that my dating life has been good in the past. I'm now 31 years of age and 5.67 and weigh 138 lbs and I live in a very small country with not many people but a lot of foreigners. In the...
  12. Sir Ike

    A hungry for knowledge high-schooler searching for advice

    Hi! I'm from Colombia and I've been reading about the seduction community and a few books but I thought asking for advice wouldn't hurt me. I have read The Game, The Mystery Method and currently reading The Rational Male, but I think that the techniques that are taught in the first two books...
  13. Firecrotch66

    Advice for whoever finds it useful

    Back in Sept 2019 I was trying to hit 69 women before New Years because I thought being able to sleep with 69 and say I did was hilarious. I hit 45 before Covid ended life as we know it. Some of my sex knowledge comes from high school because I started young and hung out with a hedonist crowd...
  14. TheNewStyle123

    Back in the game and new to the 'manosphere'.

    Hi everyone! I want to take you through my first date since my divorce applying the principles of 'The Rationale Male' and all of the great advice seen here on sosuave.com. I got married at 24 years old (27 now) and just recently divorced my wife as I found out she was cheating on me for the...
  15. GoodOne123

    Dating a woman with low self esteem

    So I've recently went on a date with a girl i met at a nightclub. We went to a bar for a first date, but some things and behaviours have worried me: She mentioned her self esteem has been very low in the past, and her friends have had to work very hard to improve it. She compliments my eyes...
  16. R

    Lifestyle advice needed

    How do you guys manage working, saving money at the same time have hobbies, wear nice clothes, stay healthy and meet beautiful women? I’m just having a hard time doing it. What is your routine like on weekdays and weekends, a little inspiration needed.
  17. R

    I broke up a 2 year old relationship

    I broke up with my ltr a week ago when my friend saw her at some bar with a guy she works with. She was ignoring my calls and acting weird for weeks. A year ago she was all over me, now I am going through some health issues, gained weight(>10kg) and a new job where I work (>11hrs). I saw the...
  18. G

    How can I tell if a girl that is outgoing likes me?

    So, i've been hanging out with this girl from a town 15 miles from my home. I met her first day of training on a new job, she was also a trainee. I was working up to ask her if she wanted to go to the festival and she said "if you're asking me to go then its a yes". The whole time we've been...
  19. TheBalalaikaMan

    Any advice for a painfully average guy?

    Hey guys. It's me. The Balalaika Man. I'm new here and stuff. I'll try to avoid using the word 'I' too much, without writing out my whole life story too. But there are a few things about me that need to be said. Well first off, turned 18 about six months back. Studying mechanical engineering...
  20. GoodOne123

    Why did she ghost?

    I met a girl about a month ago at a nightclub. We made out on the dancefloor for ages. I went and got some food with her after the club closed. She said how she loves how mature I am and enjoys talking to me too. Couldn't get her back to my place since her friend was sick and she needed to take...