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    How to meet girls at informal dances

    if they look like hoes, go start dancing with em and start feelin up on her hips. if she like you its done. go up to a dumb hoe and ask her if her dumb hoe ass "wanna dance with me?" its really that easy. do it with a smile i doubt she'll refuse?
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    Another College high school post!

    You're stupid. I talk to whoever the **** I want I ignore whoever the **** I want. I do whatever the **** i want. no one is judging "oh you try too hard" cuz if they do, they're a bunch of little high school sissies. who cares what you do? who is so involved up in your life as if theirs...
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    Is she Interested?????

    yea tell her she has to take you out. or be like give me my 5 dollars hoe
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    Please. Help Me out. I need to succeed.

    how do u figure u say youre the man but no one agrees. u obviously dont run sh*t so dont act like you do. Just be smooth and keep to yourself. #1 doesnt make sense. how is it u want their number but u dont want them to know you wanna date em? #2 you wanna make more friends? go make more...
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    financing a vehicle 1st time

    so uhh i havent made payments on my credit card in a while. fawk. i havent had a job in a while either. im working on it. lets say i get a job that i hold for like 3 months. if i go 2 a used car dealer, will they sell me a car, regardless of how much more it costs because of my bad credit...
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    my myspace routine wack!!!

    this is so sad. so so sad... i want to cry :(
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    Is ****blocking illegal for DJs?

    i wouldnt f*ck up shop for a dude, but really homeboy, i do what i want.
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    Girls r Horny!!!

    which girls?
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    so, uhhhh.....

    anything new around here? probably not. how is everyone?
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    I went on a european road trip this summer... i never been to amsterdam, but I smoked amsterdam weed... it was the greatest thing in the world, it was called "power plant"... its red and yellowish in color...jesus christ bro, I was seein the sky change colors... lol
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    Who do you actually respect here?

    I cant believe that name comes back up from time to time...lol Whatsupwiddat was cool, but AC/DC is top notch :)
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    Method of Hooking Up At Parties

    Being social, and knowing how to either drink or smoke weed.
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    Why don't you guys just ban me, for pete's sake?

    my homedawg Oakraiderz2 said: haha OWNED. WO HO HO!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL bro you make me laugh so hard. WO HO HO!!!
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    Me vs. Attention Wh*re.... I WIN!

    I knew it was a joke. Her excuses were BS. I would have picked up on it immediately too... good job. I would have asked "you dumped your boyfriend for troubles? Youd dump me that quick too huh?" And if she said "No I wouldnt" I'd be like "well you barely know me, and I dont want to go out...
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    Staying at her house a few days

    If I was you bro, I would have been havin sex all day and then take her out to dinner haha Youre with a girl OVERNIGHT.. and all you did was make out and go up her shirt? Bro, I would have been caving that girl in.. haha