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  1. CollegeMan22

    A Review of the Basics

    I see a lot of useless bickering on here about the state of women in general. Women might not be up to the caliber they once were, and they probably have higher standards. Okay. Well guess what? That’s the game now. That’s the premise of approaching women. It is best to accept reality as...
  2. T

    The key to getting women (for beginners / those that may be struggling)

    Is to not "want" women. Take a look at all the guys who are spinning plates or getting a lot of women. What do we have in common? We don't actively think about women in a needy/wanting way. We're focused on abundance. what does abundance mean? Having friends, having things to do, hobbies...
  3. A

    Art of seduction?

    I have been trying to look in the bible about this but the links somehow to this articles are broken. I would like to know what is the best way I can convey my true intentions without saying it. I have a difficult time doing this with women lately. Maybe because I haven’t laid in a few months...
  4. Blacksheep

    Girl with traumatic relationship situation...

    Hey guys, I had an interesting situation this weekend. I will explain it and it would be nice if i got feedbacks about it. I've met an interesting girl, that had a nice chat with me (books, philosophy, psichology, personal development) and she stayed at my home this weekend with a friend I...
  5. GeezerBub

    Too much stuff to remember. Top 3 practices?

    I find in the category of advice for interaction with the creatures (women) there is simply far too much to take in. When I try to learn what makes these creatures tick the way I need, there's no way I can memorize and practice everything. It's overwhelming. But what I'm thinking of doing is...
  6. GeezerBub

    A crush on me....even me huh?

    I've come here so try and get advice on how to get the creatures (women) to hate me at least a little less. But more importantly, to pacify my intense hate for them. Especially since, even me, I've had some measure of interaction with them that were positive. My top interactions? They wanted...
  7. resilient

    Keep track of sets and reps

    Hey, guys, I figured I would add this tip to the Health and Fitness forum. I finished Kris Gethin's 12-week hardcore trainer over summer and I'm currently over halfway through Arnold's Blueprint to Mass. One of the issues that I've been running into is keeping track of sets and reps with random...
  8. M

    How do y'all approach a random female?

    In the past, I've had real bad anxiety. To the point where I'd just get stuck and it know what to say (to attractive ladies). Ever since I started my job last year, I have gotten better. Way better. I'm still a little shy (when idk you of course) and don't feel comfortable enough to just go up...
  9. darksprezzatura

    Tips on Sex

    I see a lot of posts on how to get girls, passing tests, frame and game, whining about exes. When it comes down to one of the most important parts which hooks a woman to you (Or you to the woman) it's SEX. For a woman to consider you to be the best she's had, there are a couple of redpill...
  10. VforVendetta

    Confused by this

    Hi, i'm 20 and attending University. This is legitimately confusing and i want to know why it may have happened for future references. So i've been stepping up my game, cold approaching in bars and on the street recently and it's been going great. Suddenly, a girl from my Uni group,that i was...