Too Hot to Handle is the best PUA Course ever


Senior Don Juan
May 12, 2023
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That is literally Game summarized...

Youll see every archetype and notice the girls who go for those archetype of dudes...

The Sexy Nigels, the chill spiritual Nicks, the funny dude I forgot his name...

Good Game is embodying those characteristics and tailoring it to the girl lol

You will literally see which girl goes for who and why... The slutty Brittan goes for the "Alpha" dude and tries to tempt him away and she's turned on by his resolve... The player and the girl who's also a player but looks innocent.. lol

With sexual energy of course... Everything is sexual energy. This cannot be done without sexual energy. This is for another thread when Xavier is inspired moreso..

Anyways watch season 4 and observe... How Nigel uses sexual tension, how Nick transmutes spirituality.. and then craft your own unique approach, see which one does what under what circumstances etc..

It's almost free... Just get Netflix lol. It's 100K worth of PUA courses if you can peep the wisdom in it.

PS: I write for the Chads, if you get what I am saying you are a Chad.

Ive ignored too many of yall in here. I'm writing for old me who didn't realize he was a Chad.

Winners win and Losers lose. I'm just hear to remind ya and make it faster for the W to pull up :)