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Master Don Juan
Apr 22, 2017
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I see a lot of posts on how to get girls, passing tests, frame and game, whining about exes.
When it comes down to one of the most important parts which hooks a woman to you (Or you to the woman) it's SEX.

For a woman to consider you to be the best she's had, there are a couple of redpill truths I'd like to discuss.

1. Sexual Market Value
None of your techniques, moves or techniques would work on her if your perceived value isn't higher than hers.

She might enjoy it, just like a woman might enjoy a dildo, but she's not your woman.

2. Domination
There's a reason 50 shades of gray is popular amongst girls, teenage horny girls nonetheless.
Do not ask for permission. Just escalate until she blatantly says "Stop" or "No" or physically moves away to wear clothes.

Crush her with your grip without causing physical pain.

Pin her down, make her unable to move, use your body weight hard when smashing heavy and alternate by giving her space to breathe.

Immobilise her upper torso by pulling her hair right.
Lots of times men try to reenact pornography without understanding what's happening. I'm guilty during my teenage years.

Rough her up without pain.

Pull her to you by her legs instead of going to her to insert.

Stare deep into her eyes while you smash her silly.

3. Your needs > Her needs
If your entire frame is to make her feel good and impress her by giving her orgasms by using various techniques or going down on her, it'll backfire.
The frame of redpill, you are the catch.
She might appreciate it, but she doesn't want it by her nature.

She wants the fantasy of being used or raped, though not actually be raped.

Bang her like a rag doll if that's what you want
Deny her compliance requests, do it later if you feel like it.

P.S. Let her know you are enjoying her time to time.

Chill with her lying on your chest to enjoy the oxytocin after you are done.

I'd be glad to get more inputs to try out tomorrow.


Master Don Juan
Jul 9, 2013
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