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  1. CyrusTheGreat

    Guys in happy LTRs, when did you move in with your LTR?

    Basically the title, and 1- Did the dynamic of your relationship change? If yes, how? 2- Did you set any rules/boundaries before moving in? 3- Why did you think it's a good idea to move in with your LTR?
  2. CyrusTheGreat

    Is it ok for a girlfriend to have male friends?

    This is not a thread about girls I'm dating right now, but rather a reflection on past relationships I had. Almost in every relationship that the girl I was dating had male friends, the male friend or the fact of having male friends seemed to have directly (e.g. monkey branching or cheating) or...
  3. CyrusTheGreat

    Transitioning into LTR: How long should you vet a plate for?

    When the end goal is to establish an LTR (in order to have kids), I believe that it's agreed-upon among the community that the best strategy is to spin multiple plates because it allows to vet women and choose the best one. But, I couldn't find much information on how long to spin a plate...
  4. C

    Getting played by women

    I don't usually post much on here but I need someone else's insight on a situation I'm in. So I just started going out with a girl that used to braid my hair(I cut it now) and at the time, she was in a relationship that went on for 10 years(since she was high school). During the braid...
  5. reality250

    How can you focus on improving your game if you work 10 hours / day and have an LTR?

    HI folks, Like the title says, I am wondering how you guys take time to improve your social skills even you have a girlfriend since the game is on. For long term dedicated gamers here, I think it's huge to still go out and work on your social gatherings and working on your game. This year...
  6. SchizopilledSigmaRoider

    Power struggle with gf

    I (20m) visited my gf (20F) yesterday and was planning on satying until sunday, (she lives 1h away). So I get there right, first time seeing her in awhile and thought I would give her some flowers (like the afc I am) bc I havent done that too many times. The evening approaches and I assume...
  7. B

    8 yr LTR since 19 now engaged then I was red pilled...

    Like the title says Ive been in my ltr for sometime from a young age. My partner in recently yrs has become more persistent about marriage. I do care for her however, I started feeling uneasy when intimacy and ultimatums started being used for her own leverage. I caved after a long dragged out...
  8. MrPwr

    Another Sexless LTR - How to stay?

    G'day! I recently dropped a red, and it hit bloody hard. I have been in an LTR with a bird for 4+ years. For years I have, like a good little AFC, accepted her rejections for sex and her reasoning as fair and that her needs (though frustrating) came before mine, even being a good little worker...
  9. P

    Any married Djs or those in LTRs, what's your opinion on using hookers?

    This is primarily to supplement the coolidge effect I have a girl I've been seeing for 2 months, she's great, cooks for me, has great sex also has a nice ass but no tits. They're only A cups and they're lovely but I am an ass and tits guy. I'm wondering about this as I see a future with her. I...
  10. XThrax

    Basis of Strong LTRs

    I've been in my thought cabinet lately thinking about what makes a strong LTR. Recently some of my distant family members who I thought had good LTR / marriages really has it turned out was on shaky ground. And I thought to myself "What makes a good LTR?" The kind that lasts 50 years to a...
  11. B

    Always Failing

    First post here, been a long time dude studying PUA's stuff when it first came out in 2000 and improving myself since then with more deep core and RedPill awareness (following manosphere and all its evolution). I'm actualy losing my girlfriend : she's losing interest, pulling back, all in a...
  12. T

    LTR: Called her out on a flake and now NC

    Hi everyone, Me (26) and my GF (27) have been dating for a little over 6 years now. She has terrible anxiety. Over the years this anxiety has often been at the cost of me and everyone around her. Some examples: she won't take any pictures with anyone, including me, unless she feels like she...
  13. resilient

    Of leaves, branches, and roots

    I wanted to share with you guys a cool video @Roober sent me. It's from a musical play that toured 2005~2006 with comedian Tyler Perry dressed up as an old lady talking to a younger man who is having relationship trouble. There are many pearls of wisdom and lessons that can be taken from the...
  14. Von

    LTR/GF reporting back to me that she's being ''hit'' and he's a ''creep''

    Hey DJ, You all know I am in a LTR of 1.5 years. All stuff are going well and escalating. My LTR was doing a night shift at her medical job. So she finishs around between 5am and 10am. At 6am, she texted this (copy-pasted) LTR at 6am: ''A creep is sweet talking me. The trouble is, I...
  15. resilient

    LTR Screening: What's your top 5?

    We all know women have a checklist they run through when evaluating for LTR/exclusivity. The list tends to get longer with more mileage and age. The chief items on her list are going to be LMS, everything else is cherry on top. I do my best to evaluate behavior and be aware of red flags early...
  16. resilient

    LTR Screening: Social Media Use

    One of the tough lessons I had to learn last year and this year again is in the importance of screening a woman who is a heavy social media user. Ex: Girl 1 I let myself get burned by making an AW a main plate too early after hooking up for 2-3 months last year. First red flag was this woman...
  17. Von

    How to Handle Girls with Daddy Issues ? Girl with Daddy Issues Thread

    I bet we all know girls with Daddy Issues. Let's manage / control the situation if it arise The Dad might be ''gone'' (absent - uninterested - inactive - dead) or might be present and active. The Dad might be a strong father or a weak father.... the father might have anger issue / violent...
  18. Von

    Moving In Thread. LTR under 1 rooftop

    Hey guys, so it seems i will be getting in the Moving In together phase. Wanted to make a thread of how to keep frame in these cases and what should I keep in mind/do. First time living together
  19. Von

    Birthday gift to LTR/GF

    Here's a thread to make a list of what you could do or give as a gift to your LTR/GF. I thought it would be fun to have a thread listing all possible ideas. (Give me and you guys ideas). My context: Almost 1 year of dating, birthday in May (taurus sign). We all know it depends on the girl...
  20. Von

    Why are you dating me?

    The question is the thread title. I got that question from each of my LTR. 3 LTR, 3 different girl (in all aspect), same question, Same answer: Me: Why you are dating me? Her: Cause you know how to fight Or Her: Von, I am dating you cause you know how to fight -- So what you think they...