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  1. J

    20years old no girlfriend what to do?

    Hey guys im kinda getting frustrated now i hope you can help me a bit. Me : Im 20 i wear expensive designer clothes i have money bcs of my job as a tennis coach im 185 cm 74kg and i take care of myself alot. This was so you have a roughly picture of me. I sometimes go to clubs or bars just like...
  2. J

    how to agree&amplify these **** tests

    1.My get to know phase with a girl who lives a bit more far away from me texted me that it would be better if I find smb in my city and she finds someone in her city. I just texted yeah you right. She got mad bcs i answered like this and I said its your words. How would I pass this **** test or...
  3. M

    Dating coach

    hi guys! so this is my first post after reading a lot of your posts.... thanks to everyone for all these great comments and advices, it has really helped me a lot! unfortunately, i do notice that i have a sticking point that i just cannot beat. i just notice that when i meet a girl that i am...
  4. T

    Ignore her?

    What do you think about ignoring your girlfriends text and calls if she has been rude or disrespectful? Is it effective?
  5. T

    Should you spin plates when in a relationship?

    What do you all think about spinning plates when you are in a relationship? The women I am with is wonderful, but there is a younger hot fitness model that I used to hook up with before the relationship that still wants to hook up.
  6. M

    Doubting on how to act towards girlfriend.

    Hello everyone, here something I need advice with, So my girlfriend whom I been with for 9 months started to act different last two weeks. The typical stuff from"I love you so much" to zero of this sort, it's like talking to a friend rather than a girlfriend. So the rational male in me asked if...
  7. H

    My GF goes to visit her female friend in a time we wanted to vacation together

    Am in a relationship for like 6 months. At the moment you cant really go to holiday because of corona.I have 10 days freetime and we wanted to do some sort of trip. Now she told me that she is going to visit her female friend in sweden. This female friend studied there and will leave sweden...
  8. M

    Girlfriends ex ****buddy? How to react

    Hi, i met a girl who had a casual fling with a guy i know (not really a close friend). That was before i met her. After i met her i even asked the guy if its ok for him, if i do things with her and he said "just bang, i am sure she likes it too". So i went for it. Weve dated and now been...
  9. D


    I recently started a relationship with a new woman. She has been great and is a sweetheart. She and I have talked about having a threesome and including another woman. My Girl is in her early 30s . The girl we are considering is 24 years old and is a former fitness model. She is really hot. I...
  10. G

    How can I tell if a girl that is outgoing likes me?

    So, i've been hanging out with this girl from a town 15 miles from my home. I met her first day of training on a new job, she was also a trainee. I was working up to ask her if she wanted to go to the festival and she said "if you're asking me to go then its a yes". The whole time we've been...
  11. T


    I'm 25 years of age and 8 weeks ago broke up with my 26 year old girlfriend (first relationship) of approx. 1 and a half years as an AFC beta that failed more than enough **** tests and lost my frame early on. We met up again last week twice. Within those 8 weeks I rigorously studied game...
  12. casanova

    Why Relationships Fail

    this is a thread that is going to be the affecting factors of why your relationship is failing... the first reason, and it is the most important reason for this consequence, the number one rule for anybody before going into a relationship is to never change the person they are dating. I'm not...
  13. Heweab24

    Dumped my not so loyal girlfriend but still want to have sex with her

    Hi.. I dumped my girlfriend of a month and a half, 4 days ago and we haven't spoken since then. I decided to dump her because I noticed she was in contact with an ex (another girl) who she denied to about being with someone else. At first I had dumped her for lying to me and that was just two...
  14. Heweab24

    How often should I communicate with my girlfriend

    Hello DJs, I'm 29 and I'm dating an 18 year old college girl who seems to have her interest level in me skyrocketed, even though we've only known each other for 3 weeks. A week ago I went silent on her after she had lied to me about something, infact, I dumped her first then started ignoring...
  15. Von

    Birthday gift to LTR/GF

    Here's a thread to make a list of what you could do or give as a gift to your LTR/GF. I thought it would be fun to have a thread listing all possible ideas. (Give me and you guys ideas). My context: Almost 1 year of dating, birthday in May (taurus sign). We all know it depends on the girl...
  16. Heweab24

    Girl lied to me

    I urgently need your help DJs, and please excuse my English for it is a second language to me. I'm 29 and I'm currently dating this 18 year old college student who I've only known for two weeks. I managed to get the cookie last and it was actually her first time ever having sex, but things...
  17. Mr. Focus

    I just left my girlfriend of 3 years, for business. Am I a selfish prick?

    (I'm new here) Hello everybody!!!! I am going to spend a lot of time on this forum. So, as the title says, I left my girlfriend this past weekend, the longest relationship I've ever had, so I can focus 100% on my business, and fully experience my 20's (I'm 20). I met this girl when I was 17...
  18. pyros

    are promiscuous women girlfriend material?

    Let's say you meet a 22 years old girl you really like, but she's told you that she's had sex with a lot of guys, has had a couple of threesomes, ONS, etc. She really likes sex and she wants it all the time. Would this make you discard her as relationship material because she's too much of a...
  19. pyros

    when does a girl become too much of a slvt?

    When does a girl become to much of a slvt that you wouldn't want a serious relationship with her? when she's banged more than 10 guys? when she's had several ONS? when she's done all kind of kinky stuff like threesomes, orgies...? when she's...? At what point should we deny her girlfriend...
  20. pyros

    would you make a slvt your girlfriend?

    I'm seing this 22 years old for almost a year now. I've told her two times already that I dont want a serious relationship with her but but she says that she wants to keep seing me anyway. Ok, so far so good. Eventhough she has a few very good qualities (pretty smart, fun, responsible, lots of...