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    Cute is the norm, not the exception.

    Of course, it's due to competition pressure from a huge surplus of single women there. For some reason, single women prefer the East, while single men prefer the West. End result is that EC women (theoretically) need to attempt to maintain themselves better in order to get choice dates and...
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    Cute is the norm, not the exception.

    But bars are not random cross-sections. Ever go to Walmart or the DMV? 2/3 of the women there are obese, ghetto and/or pushing 5 bastard kids around. I agree that if you pick the right venues (bars, college, etc) though, there are higher concentrations of hotties there.
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    Now, this crap really sucks

    You need to read The Autobiography of Malcolm X. He got railroaded by some blue-eyed devil F-buddies who later cried rape. Some things just never change... As has been said before, easily 50% of rape charges are false - and many out of petty vindictiveness. I'm sure it's the same with...
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    Guys Worry About Body Image

    Well, looks may be mattering more for guys now...just look at Scarlett Johansson fiancée, Ryan Reynolds. And look who Angelina Jolie is with (Brad Pitt). Etc. So, there seems to be growing pressure on us to muscle up, to cater to the hot girls (who care more and can be pickier about...
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    My Son's Mother... please explain soemthing to me.

    Yikes! :nervous: How much do you pay a month in CS btw, TheLadiesMan? %-wise or in absolute dollars?
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    Financial Independence

    The real key is positioning. Thinking ahead of the curve and getting in on the ground floor of each Next Big Thing. Whether it be dot.coms, real estate, etc. You want to pick the next big wave and get in before everyone else does and it runs into shore. This requires foresight and...
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    Help A Brother Out

    Personal politics Post this: Which is pretty true. Because if you think about how many damn men are pathetically chasing women these days, if a woman has trouble finding a man, the problem likely stems from within her. I mean, I've known many girls who have basically NEVER BEEN SINGLE in an...
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    Father cheating on mother

    First off, if he was cheating, then HE is the one who "ruined" their 30 year marriage. Not any whistleblower... Otherwise, that's like saying a cop who catches a bankrobber is the one who screwed the bank over. It's a tough call. You could maybe have a casual chat with both one day, and...
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    USA Basketball

    Actually, Chris Paul is 6'. And China has had too many injuries and one player even got cancer. Yao is nowhere near full recovery, either. So, they won't be much in contention this round...
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    Giving girls orgasms with sex

    Good question, I only have partial answers: 1) Some girls are just waaayy more easily orgasmic from sex than others. 2) The girls who could O easily from sex with me all had different triggers. Therefore, it's unpredictable. Sorry, don't have any real good answers or failproof methods...
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    Schedules of Mating

    I take it you're a single mom seeking cuckold? :crackup: Everything RT says makes perfect sense in the greater scheme of things... In the old days when men had more selective leverage, men wouldn't even marriage a virgin, much less a single mom. Unfortunately, those golden days are...
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    Mature DJs..Help me out with this NEW 23 y/o girl!

    She's playing you for attention and possible favors later, dude. Wake up. In chicknese, "later" = never and "buddy" = friendzone. Honestly, if she was truly HI, she would've wanted to Day 2'd ASAP... Sorry, NEXT!
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    New Ladies on SS

    I think it's actually good if women come here for advice to get properly trained. That ultimately helps us as well when we encounter them out there. We just don't want feminist moles like Wyldfire or Iqqi trying to train us. That IS highly counterproductive to this site. We DON'T need...
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    Speech on why women are crazy

    There are plenty of articles on this subject on MRA sites - just search for them. Once you have developed your thesis, I suggest 1 of 2 delivery approaches: 1) Play the "concern troll" and frame it as how women have truly been victimized by the crazy ideology of feminism. 2) Give it a firm...
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    Mail Order Brides?

    Sorry, but any woman with bastard kids cannot be an LTR 9. No way in hell. In fact, in other countries where men are in more demand and there's more high-quality girls to choose from, that's already a dealbreaker that makes them completely undateable. No man would even waste time with that...