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Recent content by Dingo

  1. Dingo

    orgasm problem because of porn

    ED meds do that to me... Adjust dosages...
  2. Dingo

    article: The Invisible Men of OkCupid

    Kind of interesting insight... but yeah F@$# her...
  3. Dingo

    Women take advantage

    Your her drug supplying gay roomie friend... smh
  4. Dingo

    This absolutely baffles me about dating

    bigdave17...Your going to die alone and unloved....
  5. Dingo

    1 million cash or a girlfriend who looks like this and is very loyal

    SHOW ME THE MONEY !!!! I'll take the money... in a heart beat...
  6. Dingo

    Is curly hair or straight hair on a woman best for...

    Whatever... Smh... lol
  7. Dingo

    My Oasis Has Been Destroyed!

    Don't come to San Francisco.... This once most beautiful City is now a Third World **** hole.... Literally. So sad.
  8. Dingo

    Gf’s “boss”

    You're her plate.
  9. Dingo

    So... If all women are trash would you...

    Yup... Lol...
  10. Dingo

    Hmm, strange texts from a lady I've only seen two times - advice needed

    I see your head in a box in the future...
  11. Dingo

    So... If all women are trash would you...

    So let's say that all available attractive women out there are garbage. Total nut jobs and thots.... Nothing that you would ltr or marry.... Would you ltr a regular looking girl or even chubby girl if she honestly had a heart of gold ? Like really was a wonderful loving caring person that...
  12. Dingo

    The BEST way to drop a plate.

    Why all the hostility ? Just tell them it's not working out. Followed by minimum contact.