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Recent content by BGMan

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    Problems continue

    1) Get her number. 2) Call her in a few days and ask her for a date IN PERSON. 3) Get off the fvcking computer. :p BG
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    Hot woman gave me her number

    Call her early next week and ask her out. BG
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    Women's crap, A test, Flaking, or A gentle "get lost"

    I would. It's called common courtesy. BGMan
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    Question (Girl with chummy friend)

    I have a married female friend who, believe it or not, prefers guy friends over girl friends. (She's super cool, btw -- probably the best wing woman I've ever had.) Perhaps your gf is another one of this kind. BGMan
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    Women's crap, A test, Flaking, or A gentle "get lost"

    A gentle "get lost". If she was really interested, she'd text back when she DID have time. BGMan
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    I can't stand this chick anymore

    I'd disappear from her life totally... as in, make her think that you got in a wreck somewhere and are dead. BGMan
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    Dreams About Girls You Know.

    I know this sounds gross, but... What usually happens in my case is that in my dream I end up plowing her (or almost plowing her) and blow my load in my sleep. This always wakes me up, and then I have to run to the bathroom and clean up a mess and get new underwear. And then the next morning...
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    Conversation skills?!?!

    I find that the best way is to simply go up and say hi, ask their name, then ask them things about themselves, why they're there, and throw in funny-ass comments to get them giggling. BGMan
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    Pheromones: Bargain or Bullsh*t?

    In the last month I have formed a different opinion on the pheromones. When I first used Pherlure, I noticed the difference right away. When I first got a whiff of Pherlure when I started using it, it made me feel very confident and felt like an injection of energy. I even had shivers down my...
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    Pheromones: Bargain or Bullsh*t?

    I got Pherlure and it definitely works. I'm not kidding. ALL the women I have run into act friendlier and more open, while those who seem interested in me already tend to go a little crazy. The effects of the cologne are most obvious, I find, when I put it on my neck and go dancing...
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    Ya, I'm one of the short guys out there.

    Apparently it's a noted fact at the DMZ in Korea that the South Korean soldiers are about twice as big as the North Koreans. :D http://korea.net/news/news/NewsView.asp?serial_no=20040428001&part=110&SearchDay= The U.S. and North Korean military have contact through liaison meetings and...
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    Another guy talking **** about me to my GF..what to do?

    What would I do? Nothing. BGMan