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  1. GoodOne123

    Buying big oil stocks now?

    Hey guys, what is your opinion on buying some oil stocks for a long term hold? I'm looking at Royal Dutch Shell at the moment. They are recently investing in renewable energy too. There doesn't seem to be any good bargains out there except for oil, which I am sure will bounce back when planes...
  2. gunter

    How to successfully outsource software development?

    I've just thought that all that programming/IT learning buzz is just a market demand. But what is the thing market never demands but always needs? It needs those who can manage and risk! It needs entrepreneurs. And It seems that outsourcing it's quite a way to rise up quickly, especially given...
  3. darksprezzatura

    Ultimate Guide for a Badass Lifestyle

    Let me ask you a question, have you ever fantasised about having a Lamborghini sometimes? It's a work of art. Most of us probably can't have it but none of us spend all day pining for it. I'm sure a woman might've occupied your thoughts that way, in a oneitis situation in your past or...
  4. E

    Girl offers to do laundry

    Girl offered to do my laundry. She did it few times. I refused every time. My reasoning was to show her that I can take care of myself with or without her. Now I am thinking that it might be better to accept. This way I would get her to invest more. Additionally it would save me some work and...
  5. M

    Push/Pull, getting back "pull" and developing natural "push"?

    A few years ago when I first started with girls, I used to practice attracting ones who were somewhat attractive, but who weren't my ideal type. This created a powerful mindset of automatically not investing a lot of value into them, because of the obvious balance between nonverbally...
  6. DiegoSantori

    Don't spend your money just because you have it.

    Don't spend your money just because you have it. That's stupid. If you trade time for money, your money shouldn't be for consumable frivolities. It's not for designer clothes, or iPhones, or a Mustang GT. Unnecessary excess on depreciating assets is a poor business decision. If you are...