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  1. M

    Amazing Pua

    Guys, yesterday I discovered a pua that closed 147 girls in one year, I saw some of his videos, I like his style, he is very direct and his way of doing could be very helpful to me because I tend to be very introverted and not a excellent communicator If I can link you the channel or tell you...
  2. B

    If you get her number at the club she won't remember you the next day!

    The truth is getting a girls in the number in the club means nothing in 2021. I have been preaching for donkey’s years that the club is a terrible place to meet women! Yes people do meet women in the club but even a broken clock is right twice a day. In the club you are up against so many...
  3. T

    Top 3 books?

    What would you consider to be the top 3 Red Pill and top 3 PUA books ?
  4. xuzaki

    Strange followup to a bad date

    I did a daygame direct approach and the girl was very receptive. She always responded to my texts right away and enthusiastically. Tonight she travelled across the city to come to a bar near my place. She texted she’d be 5 minutes late and I wrote back “minus 5 points”, to which she just did...
  5. devilkingx2

    How has learning game (whether red pill theory or PUA tactics or anything else) helped you?

    There's been a lot of anti-game hysteria here lately so i figured that it would be a great time to make a thread about the other side of the coin, So guys, lets talk about how game could've helped you in the past, or has actually helped you get a girl. Tell some stories of times when it wasn't...
  6. LarryLiesureSuit

    What activities should I do when I dont do pick-up?

    Activities that will help me with my pick up. Do you do any supporting activities to do with pua.
  7. darksprezzatura

    Ultimate Guide for a Badass Lifestyle

    Let me ask you a question, have you ever fantasised about having a Lamborghini sometimes? It's a work of art. Most of us probably can't have it but none of us spend all day pining for it. I'm sure a woman might've occupied your thoughts that way, in a oneitis situation in your past or...
  8. DiegoSantori

    Core statements of the book "Why the Seduction Community S*cks"

    Just finished reading a book called "Why the Seduction Community s*cks". Let me give you a summary: Waves of the Seduction Community - Early pioneers of Seduction Community focused on observing the behaviors of naturally attractive men and imitating them. - Second wave of Seduction...
  9. Maximus Rex

    The Lesbian Pick Up Artist

    http://www.thelesbianpickupartist.com/ I'm surprised that it didn't happen sooner. Personally, I take her bootcamp just as a matter of G.P.
  10. Poon King

    Nice guy BETAS finish last

    Great examples of how NOT to be a pandering beta when meeting new plates. For all the white knights and other co-dependent betas.. watch and learn: You're welcome.