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  1. D

    Lol ex from 2 years ago is cyber stalking me

    Alright so I haven’t been too active on here, But I lurk and shyt. I first came here after my crippling oneitis (a 10) of a 6 year LTR left, who basicaly begged me to marry her for 2 years before that, but would bicker and give my shyt every chance she got. Even then, I was kinda warming up to...
  2. Y180SX

    I've Fu***d up. ONEitis, Monogamy as goal, the works...

    So I've started reading, or rather listening to, The Rational Male. Man, has it flipped my world upside-down. I consider myself a pretty logical guy, so I was and am able to open my mind to the ideas that are being set forth in the book and seeing how many things that I have been wrong about for...
  3. darksprezzatura

    Need advice from a DJ with inner game.

    Long story short. 2-month fling with HB7. Successful insertion of d!ck. Encountered low interest (flakiness) Stayed low contact to observe from afar. Saw some red flags Lack of sexual options kept me from hard nexting for 2 more weeks before I dropped her just now. Solution: Deleted her...
  4. darksprezzatura

    Ultimate Guide for a Badass Lifestyle

    Let me ask you a question, have you ever fantasised about having a Lamborghini sometimes? It's a work of art. Most of us probably can't have it but none of us spend all day pining for it. I'm sure a woman might've occupied your thoughts that way, in a oneitis situation in your past or...
  5. M

    Suggestions on how to proceed when you've revived a girl's interest.

    Timetable is as follows: - felt connection with a client off the. bat and went on a few dates after I left that job, seemed hitting it off over the course of about a month, etc. - really liked her (oneitis level feels) and it showed, which caused me to fear escalation, abandon plates and be...
  6. darksprezzatura

    Dodging bullets. Become Neo. [IMPORTANT]

    To the DJs out here, lifelong AFCs, Alphas, Betas, Omegas and all the pals. Reading @bradd80 's post about toxic women aka the ones with daddy issues fit so well with respect to my ex, I thought I'd reinforce his post and add my two cents to every person in need of some help. As men the...
  7. DiegoSantori

    How Instagram cured my oneitis

    Yes, I was one of the guys who believed that this one particular woman was a goddess and that nobody else in the world could possibly measure up to how perfect she was. The way the sunlight glinted in her hair was hypnotic and everything she said and did sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions...
  8. kronreiff

    Keeping your cool and your word.

    Strange how things change with women. The plate I've been spinning for over 3 years (solid HB-8.5-9) has begun her sh!t testing the last couple of months. To add to it, I moved a few things to her house and was hanging out there more. Big mistake! It wasn't oneitis, since I know her so well...
  9. E

    LTR, feeling anxiety of losing her

    Hi there, Recently I posted this thread talking about my new girl and my concerns. However, it's been great since that thread, until after this weekend. She has been with me the whole weekend, we went to have lunch, dinner, cinema, we had a lot and good sex, etc... However, I do not why but I...
  10. E

    Help. I feel i'm losing my framework

    Hi, I am dating a chick, 7 years younger than me. It's been 2 months since our first time of sex. It seems she is very interested on me. However, I do not know why, I feel i am losing control of the situation. We have talked many times, and I have tested her, I have said things such as "it...