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  1. A

    Advice on female (or male) tenant in my home

    Hello everyone! New here. I’d love to hear your opinions on my thoughts regarding my search for a new tenant in my spare bedroom. For context, I’m a ~30 year old single male earning decent money, great physique (<12% body fat, 6 pack, gym 6x a week). I’m at a very happy place in my life -...
  2. AureliusMaximus

    Women cannot handle the truth...

    Sort of old video, but still interesting imo. Women love the idea of that men and women are equal but when faced with real world facts, their peanut brain melts down. :devil: Thoughts?
  3. V

    Fickle Women

    I've noticed more and more how so many women I talk to are fickle, flakey and duplicitous. If it wasn't for authors like Rollo Tomassi and the plethora of material on female behavior I probably wouldn't be able to understand or articulate it as well as I do now, even though it baffles me every...
  4. AureliusMaximus

    Why do women tell us men to be 'humble'?

    I dunno why, just a thing that I been thinking of over for a while: Why do women in general tell us guys to be 'humble'? You probably heard it to even from one of the most influential females in your life, your own mom many times throughout life and for me it has always bugged me a lot as a...
  5. B

    Woman Archetype: Cat(s), Vegetarian, Single

    Have you ever dated this type of woman? I'm starting to see a trend of women developing this characteristic: 1. Has cat(s) 2. Vegetarian 3. Never Married 4. Animal Lover 5. Treats animals better than humans since most humans probably find them weird or intolerable. I see a lot of women like...
  6. GoodOne123

    What have you achieved during lockdown?

    I'm curious what you guys have been up to. Here what I have done so far: Workout 4-5 days a week. 50 pullups and 50 pushups per workout minimum. I sometimes do handstand pushups instead of the regular ones. Made second instagram account based on my passion for music. I've been uploading often...
  7. D

    How do you answer when a woman asks you how many women you have had sex with?

    How do you answer when a woman asks you how many women you have had sex with?
  8. R


    I got an email about touching women. Can someone add comments here? I know in the past, touching women was a way to move fast. I know if a girl likes you she wants to be touched by you. But just touching women without their permission, isn't that kind of dangerous. I just watched Joe Biden...
  9. Blacksheep

    Addictions and Relationship? Does it make sense?

    Just watched this vídeo. Basically it says that any addiction you have is because you are feeling like in a cage, or adapting to a painful or negative environment. And it basically says that the more you're isolated, the more addicted to short term stuffs you are. Like Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs...
  10. GoodOne123

    Why did she ghost?

    I met a girl about a month ago at a nightclub. We made out on the dancefloor for ages. I went and got some food with her after the club closed. She said how she loves how mature I am and enjoys talking to me too. Couldn't get her back to my place since her friend was sick and she needed to take...
  11. devilkingx2

    do you think the dating scene overall favors men?

    if you google it, there are a ton of articles written within the last few years (mostly 2015 specifically) suggesting that dating heavily favors men these days 1. https://nypost.com/2015/08/25/hey-ladies-here-are-8-reasons-youre-single/ 2...
  12. GoodOne123

    How do I treat a girl like this?

    Basically I met a girl last week by dancing with her on a club dancefloor. No talking. We made out for 45 minutes straight. I fingered her for a while, grabbed her tiits etc. She grabbed my d. I got her number before her friend dragged her away. I played it cool and texted her saying I hope...
  13. GoodOne123

    Messed with a girl who is a friend

    I have a girl who is a friend. We mainly were party buddies, and I was happy to keep her around because I got invited to some cool parties. I never saw her as a potential plate or gf, just because she always had a bf. She recently broke up with him though, and is messing around with other...
  14. P

    How to manage mutiple girlfriends without loosing my mind...

    If you do it right, each week you may have many new contacts to callback, and several dates to plan with them or your regular girlfriends. Tracing all this things to do/remember (that is women management) is annoying. Do a favor to your brain and check this out: This new app is considerably...
  15. GoodOne123

    Almost got into a fight

    I was in the club recently. Happened to see a girl check me out. I step over to her. We dance and make out, no big deal. But at some point when we were together, a group of about 6 guys, all looking around 6 ft 2 and 200 lbs, circled us as some type of joke. They were squeezing us in their...
  16. darksprezzatura


    "This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time" - Fight Club Dating is a woman's frame, you hang out with women. When you are hanging out with a girl, YOU are the prize, not her. You are qualifying her whether she's worth your time or not. Just like a woman's currency is sex, your...
  17. darksprezzatura


    "Mistakes are always forgivable as long as you have the courage to admit them" - Bruce Lee Never create rapport before attraction At any point in your life, one woman should not be the sole focus of your game Never go the extra mile for a woman Infatuation begins due to a chemical called PEA -...
  18. darksprezzatura


    "He who waits, masturbates" The goal is to make the target feel like the seducer than the seduced. The Approach: Side approach with a head turn and light smile works best - Appears aloof and non-threatening to minimise fight or flight response Have an open dominant body language facing in...
  19. darksprezzatura


    Men's lifestyle satisfy a woman's hypergamy. Guidelines to style: Wear one or two unique accessories for people to comment on. Wear fit clothes always. Beauty mathematically boils down to symmetry and proportion Never wear cheap cologne. Go for expensive perfumes. I prefer Cool Water...