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no contact

  1. F

    No contact works but is a dangerous tool

    This will be my first post on here. I wanted to share my recent experience, it may help someone in the future. I would appreciate some pointers and feedback. I dated an older woman for about 7 months.The relationship ended when she gave me an ultimatum and I let her walk. Or so I thought, let...
  2. D

    What has your experience been with doing no contact with an ex?

    What has your experience been with doing no contact with an ex? Did you end up getting back together ? Grow more as an individual?
  3. D

    Breakup. Plate to Spin or No contact?

    My girlfriend and I recently broke up. She initiated the breakup I do care for her. However, she continues to be down to have sex and asks me to go over to spend the night with her. Should I continue and turn her into a plate as I have fun with other women or go no contact with her?
  4. Jariel

    Why No Contact is your Only Option after a Breakup

    Whether trying to get your ex back or move on, there’s are good reasons why no contact is such a highly recommended strategy. Because it works! First of all, it removes you from the source of the pain (her) and will spare you multiple rejections every time you reach out. Secondly, it gives...
  5. T

    No contact

    How long should you do no contact rule with an ex?
  6. N

    End of 7 year LTR with oneitis. Need advice

    Hi everyone, I could use some advice if possible. Met this girl when I was 25 (her 22), and I had a lot of options at the time, but ended up in serious relationship with this one. Was great, for 7 years, now its over and don't know what to do. No more social circle, don't even know any other...
  7. powersize

    The right approach

    Hey guys, I have been doing NC with a girl who dumped me since early Feb 2019. To make story short i have been needy and unsecured. She has done a lot of red flags and dumped me via text. Since there i have never contacted her again and deleted from all social media. My question is what is...
  8. J

    How to handle a girl who is trying to slide out?

    Hi, I am a 22 yr old college student and a couple of months ago I met a girl online and we really hit off. I thought this was someone I would like to know better. We met a few times, at no point it felt that any of us had to drag the conversation, we were explicit with our liking for each other...
  9. L

    Contacted by ex with some major psych issues, need some advice

    Just about two months ago I got dumped (realistically it was a 30 day ish relationship). Not so unexpected, seen some signs. Went NC immediately after. Long story short, I got some traumatic responses at first after the breakup from myself, going into flight or fight for 48 hours straight, no...
  10. resilient

    Using NC and the Breakup as a Catalyst to Change

    I've struggled to have a steady rotation of plates the last few years since my separation and divorce. My confidence took a hit and it took me forever to rebuild my self-esteem after a decade with one woman. I've got waves of dates, yet usually things didn't spark enough in chemistry to land...
  11. Heweab24

    Dumped my not so loyal girlfriend but still want to have sex with her

    Hi.. I dumped my girlfriend of a month and a half, 4 days ago and we haven't spoken since then. I decided to dump her because I noticed she was in contact with an ex (another girl) who she denied to about being with someone else. At first I had dumped her for lying to me and that was just two...
  12. S

    Somewhat unique situation where I want an ex back.

    Hey guys. I've always done alright with girls. I normally have a few chasing me but I'm usually not that interested. Then in late October I met someone, asked her out on a date and we clicked in a way I haven't felt in a very long time (and she felt the same). Normally I have a lot going on in...
  13. Andrewdiceclay

    No contact is actually pissing women off

    It appears as I get older and especially if the women is older than me... if I NC for 1-2 days the women are getting angry and turned off. I usually get called a player or they assume "one of my other girlfriends was busy and I remembered about them". This has been happening non-stop for the...
  14. F

    Did I Play This Right?

    The Sparknote Version: This girl I've been seeing (haven't banged yet) assumed I was DTF (I am), and I played hard to get. She's been acting cold since, I suspect she's insecure and thinks I don't want her. I haven't communicated with her in about five days. Did I play this correctly, and what...
  15. C

    Is my ex girlfriend playing with me?

    Guys!! I met a girl last year on Tinder and we dated for 3 months! She dumped me for being too available and needy after a month and half. Then we went back together for another month and did the same by acting needy and too available. I must admit that I wasn't mysterious and left everything...
  16. B

    Did the right thing? The 2-hour friendzone

    Its been a while since I posted, greetings to all fellow DJs! Met a girl on Tinder, dated for about 7 months. Broke up twice. Both times she broke it off. Both times I went NC and moved on. A week ago she whatsapps me a photo we took together, we started talking, met her yesterday evening. She...
  17. darksprezzatura

    A tricky situation [Quick Advice please]

    Hey guys, I just need some advice to handle something I messed up with a girl gracefully. Background: She seems a little nutty with dyed hair and a feminist with a lot of orbiters and dread game. Plate status. Progress: Made out first time we met. Frisking and hot and heavy second time...
  18. S

    from being dumped, to talks, to NC to recontact by her

    Hi All Last month, I got dumped after dating 2 years. Ok, she had obviously her own reasons .. blaming the 'mistakes' I made her fading away, but sure she did too to me. We were a bit to busy with our own lives. Only ... I got trust, I felt us mature enough to discuss in time and grow. That's...