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  1. D

    How to transform

    I am a new member of this forum and the whole manosphere, discovered the red pill at 21 after being cheated on, for the past year I have been constantly improving myself physically, mentally and career wise but seem to have hit a roadblock now. After reading the Rational Male, I realised I've...
  2. resilient

    Thanksgiving Week - Prepare for Flaking from OLD/Social Media/Social Spheres

    What's up fellas? It's Thanksgiving week and I just now got a text from a tentative first date 5 hours before the date by and OLD chick. We had been conversing and interest seemed to be running well. I didn't over invest, yet played things up with the interests I have in the outdoors. That's...
  3. marmel75

    Just stop the whining and figure it out

    I cant help but notice the drastic increase in guys whining and complaining about how women have this now or women have that or how its totally unfair to men these days. Just stop ✋. Be a man. Take charge of your own destiny. I swear every time I read one of these threads the only thing I can...
  4. GeezerBub

    Too much stuff to remember. Top 3 practices?

    I find in the category of advice for interaction with the creatures (women) there is simply far too much to take in. When I try to learn what makes these creatures tick the way I need, there's no way I can memorize and practice everything. It's overwhelming. But what I'm thinking of doing is...
  5. P

    Songs to improve your life

    Looks all the songs that come out these days are totally bull**** and girly. They talk about love, sex, heartbreaks, romance but none about reality, about motivation, about improving yourself. Anyways I have a small list of songs which has helped me improve my mindset a little. Feel free to...
  6. darksprezzatura


    "This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time" - Fight Club Dating is a woman's frame, you hang out with women. When you are hanging out with a girl, YOU are the prize, not her. You are qualifying her whether she's worth your time or not. Just like a woman's currency is sex, your...
  7. resilient

    Poon King on Leading

    PK has been gone for a while. One time I PM him almost exactly a year ago about my first plate post-divorce that had been giving me a ton of hot/cold signals in and out of the bedroom. I allowed my ex-wife to strip away my confidence and self-esteem after many years. I was a shell of a man. I...
  8. darksprezzatura

    Notes from the Book of Pook

    Cliff notes- Book of Pook 1. Rejection is better than Regret. When hesitant, always default to action. You are hesitant because things haven't gone the way you want.If you are hesitant, things won't go the way you want. Catch-22 To break this, when hesitant approaching, always default to...
  9. darksprezzatura

    Tips on Sex

    I see a lot of posts on how to get girls, passing tests, frame and game, whining about exes. When it comes down to one of the most important parts which hooks a woman to you (Or you to the woman) it's SEX. For a woman to consider you to be the best she's had, there are a couple of redpill...