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Notes from the Book of Pook


Master Don Juan
Apr 22, 2017
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Cliff notes- Book of Pook

1. Rejection is better than Regret. When hesitant, always default to action. You are hesitant because things haven't gone the way you want.If you are hesitant, things won't go the way you want. Catch-22 To break this, when hesitant approaching, always default to action.

2. Whenever you are interested in a woman, go for her romantically. If she sees you as a friend, a friend you would always be. Always pursue a woman you like romantically.

3. Judge a woman by her actions and not by her words. Judge a girl by what she does than what your mind wants to see.

4. Patience is the refined sense of confidence. Be patient in your endeavours. The focus is on you and what you want to do.

5. Trust your gut. You know when it feels right to do things. Do it anyway, in the end, your gut would have more experience anyway

6. Always believe you are the great Catch and to reinforce it, always be improving yourself. The focus should always be on you.

7. Respect is all. Always be willing to walk away at signs of disrespect.

8. Sexualise your appearance, actions and words. Embrace your sexuality and be who you are.

9. Don't be contained by formula. Learn, improvise and find out what works for you.

10. To become someone great, you have to think and be confident like someone great. It's not being great that leads to confidence but confidence that leads to being great

11. Getting a girl is not success. If this thought is engrained inside you, you'll understand that rejection isn't failure either. Having a girl who actually does like you instead of one who compromises what she likes for you.

12. Unite your dreams and your day. Take what you want, ask questions later. Build something with your day. Improve yourself, have a passion and unite it with the actions of your daily life. Never lose focus of your actions over anything

13. When talking to women, consider them as little girls looking to have some fun, play, tease, run around, lead them and make them laugh. Keep the serious, philosophical boring talks to yourself and with guys who are as serious about life.

14. Always have more than one woman, always keep a backup woman. Go for the many or none rule.

15. The greatest risk you can take is to not risk it all. Those who fight unarmed are more honourable than those sitting idle with the most magnificent weapons. Gamble it all, as if you bury your talent and dreams to sit on what you have, you will receive the wrath of heaven. Opportunities are brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

Imitating any of a jerk's behaviour in order to get a woman would lead to temporary or no results.

Imitation is suicide.

Instead accept and increase the testosterone inside you in all its glory. Feel it. Control it. Do not analyse it or rationalise it.

How to increase testosterone:
1. No more analysing
2. Build your body
3. Eat well
4. Lose weight

Constantly stay in a state of action to keep the testosterone flowing.

Imagine yourself back to being 5 year old, teasing, playing, running around, having fun with girls ON YOUR TERMS.

Skip intellectualising things, skip being philosophical, skip being too serious about life and take it easy.

The key to removing DESPERATION is to believe that you are the GREAT CATCH.

When you aren't desperate, you will be non-needy, value your time more, give a vibe of preselection, respect your boundaries more, reward good behaviour and BE ABLE TO IGNORE bad behaviour and take away your attention.

Never give a woman reason to think she's better, You are gold and she should be thrilled to have a chance with you.

1. Do not give a woman attention all the time
2. Do not always call her or text her first.
3. Do not stay available all the time.
4. Be willing to walk away, disagree or flake.
5. Do not accept any disrespect. Instead just walk away.
6. Look good, workout, eat right, wear nice clothes
7. Have nothing to fear about your personality and try being humorous
8. Have a dominant body language, deliberate slow body movements. Speak strongly and behave strongly.
9. Be ambitious, have goals, aims and hobbies

Sexuality isn't contained by the physical act or physical communication.

Do not be blatantly over sexual, communicate some interest by kino.

Rules of being a man:
1. Never walk on egg shells. Focus on what YOU want.
2. Focus on your dreams and passions.
3. Do not apologise for your testosterone
4. Strive to win at whatever you do in life
5. Have deep convictions to be a leader in all situations possible
6. Solve problems instead of blaming
7. Failure is an opportunity and a temporary setback
8. Never try to prove yourself to anyone but yourself

You are the focus of your world, instead of just chasing women, go out there and invest in yourself.


Master Don Juan
Dec 6, 2015
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Hoe County, California
One thing I don't agree with is "trust your gut".... my guts are full of sh1t.

But, the majority, is gold.


Master Don Juan
Jun 14, 2014
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Right behind you
I know he said to not be contained by formula, but to me I fee like it counteracts with Anti-Dump's Machine. Like those two ideas seem to be the opposite.


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Don Juan
Jan 3, 2008
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Far Far Away
tis been a while since ive come here, i recently started re-reading the book and find that i forgot a great deal of things over the years that i was away. i only started to read it again because i remember it being very good. which in turn lead me back here. this place has changed as much as i have. i guess it is to be expected though, im trying to get back in touch with my old self and keep the parts that i liked and leave behind the bits that i dont.

now about the summary, its very good and consice kudos on that. i think the only bit that isnt here are the ******** bits but that in and of itself needs a lot of text to explain to someone who hasnt experienced it or understands it. all in all i can say i couldnt have done better if i tried.


Oct 20, 2006
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Pook was the true Don Juan, the all time wisest seducer. I studied his every writing in 2011. I wonder what became of him, and whether he is still a reader or poster under an alias here. I doubt the latter.


Senior Don Juan
Aug 12, 2016
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Pook was the true Don Juan, the all time wisest seducer. I studied his every writing in 2011. I wonder what became of him, and whether he is still a reader or poster under an alias here. I doubt the latter.
Give it 40 years and 'Pook' will become its own religion.


Mar 12, 2011
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I don't know, I could disagree with a lot of those points:

2) Once a friend always a friend - I've turned it around with a good looking girl

4) Be patient - often you can't afford to be patient. At work and in personal life I say "Either do this or I'll find someone who will."

6) Always believe you are a great catch - Why? For what? You have work, study, take exam after exam after exam to get an education to be somewhat of a catch. You have to DO something valuable to be a great catch. You sit at home Friday night and watch video games and adult entertainment. But Pook said always believe Im a great catch!

7) Respect is all - I don't think so. OK you have your respect but you are alone Saturday night while the guy may or may not have it and is with a movie star. No one cares if you have respect. They want to SEE results.

There are tons of others could dispute but generally Pook I think is outdated. You should listen to Poon King.