1. J

    Watch how Finding girls is in 2023 (VIDEO)

    I don't want to end up like this guy..felt chest pain from this
  2. M

    I am an average guy who has a harem of fashion models. Don’t make excuses y’all.

    So many guys here make excuses about their looks holding them back. I am an average looking guy without money or status who consistently attracts models. And many of them have been in famous magazines and have worked for top fashion brands. Don’t make excuses, do something. Anything. And you...
  3. H

    A lesson I learned about building attraction... from 2 dogs??

    I was dating this woman one time who had two dogs. As I got to know them and interact with them, I was able to observe something very interesting in my interaction with one of them that parallels with how attracting women works. I thought it was an interesting obervation, so I made a video about it!
  4. L

    Recent Experience - Would love feedback/suggestions!

    Hey All, Went to a Meetup last week and met a bunch of dope people. One of the girls in particular stood out - cute, funny, sarcastic, and loads of sass. I invited her, and the entire group of people I met to go apple picking today. All, but myself and the girl I had eyes on were able to...
  5. w4nhels1ng

    Fear of approaching women

    Hello guys, How did you overcome the fear of rejection? Do you have any tactics, techniques or exercises towards this confidence problem? It happens to me every time when I watch some kind of video about approaching women and I would get motivated, only the sky would be a limit. And when I...
  6. touma.akagi

    Myths, half truths and lies of ommission of the community

    About nine months ago, I roughed a doc outlining some principles that are common on here and on other sites in the attraction community that just aren't as true/applicable as people make them out to be. Don't know who needs to see this, but it could be useful to newbies here, so I'll share...
  7. TheBalalaikaMan

    Any advice for a painfully average guy?

    Hey guys. It's me. The Balalaika Man. I'm new here and stuff. I'll try to avoid using the word 'I' too much, without writing out my whole life story too. But there are a few things about me that need to be said. Well first off, turned 18 about six months back. Studying mechanical engineering...
  8. Marek

    Abundance - only with Women?

    Tomassi writes extensively about the value of having options (spinning plates) and how it allows a man to operate from an abundance mindset. I was wondering whether that abundance could come from a group of close male friends as well. In my experience, it is extremely difficult for guys past...
  9. resilient


    All those guys looking for a g/f (or s/o) and plates looking to make themselves feel complete should look to self-love first. What makes a man attractive? When he's out there crushing his goals in top form: looks, money, status right? ... Well there's more to that. Learning to accept yourself...
  10. A

    In dire need of an advise with regards to a girl who is keeping me as a side option

    Hi all, please help. I met this girl through one of her roommates. Actually almost four months ago she was having anxiety attack and I went to counsel her and that's how our conversations kicked off. Now I'm deeply in love with her and yesterday she told me that she doesn't have a thing for me...
  11. M

    2018 Approach/Dating Journal

    Going to try and journal more to get my thoughts down and actively work on improvement where possible. Goals Regain Cold Approach confidence Spin new plates in the Spring/Summer Less dependency on alcohol Have a memorable Spring/Summer 2018
  12. C

    How to get a girl to be dominant in bed?

    Hi Guys, I have a question. I used to be a typical blue pilled chode not too long ago. However, since I have discovered Game, I have slowly starting getting better with women and in the past few months have been pulling a few girls and having sex with them. In the bedroom I am a switch and...
  13. darksprezzatura

    Dunning - Kruger Effect

    Before posting PART IV - SEDUCTION of my series of posts around The Black Flag, I wanted to share an insight. There have been times when I've been blown out of sets, got head turns leaning in, withheld sex from, flaked on multiple times, dumped, left for another guy, been cheated on probably...
  14. GoodOne123

    How to get in touch with my masculinity?

    I think the main part of the reason why I may have trouble with women is because I fail to get in touch with my masculinity, specifically in the context of social situations and communicating with women. I didn't have a particularly close relationship with my father, and he passed away as soon...
  15. dbayraktar

    My GF doesn't let me to protect her or do anything. I'm not happy, help me?

    Hi everyone. I'm just new to this forum and first of all, I want you to know that my English is not very well, but I'll do my best for you to understand me. Sorry about my English. NOTE: I'm sad about my relationship and afraid to lose her or being dumped/cheated on for another man, but I don't...
  16. J

    Any advice on getting over bitterness and regaining self-worth?

    Hey, so I'm at a low point in my life. I recently got out of a really ****ty relationship. Before I went into it, I was confident, was on my life mission and felt like I was the ****. I made a mistake and got into this soul-sucking relationship. It lasted 2 years and over that time I should've...
  17. A

    Short guy / Inner game

    This is kinda a follow up to my last post about the girl who I had a great date with but was blown off later - but also a little unrelated, hence the new post. Never did hear from her again, and I was perfectly fine with that. Like I said its a small town, found out shes dating another guy (no...