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cold approach

  1. J

    Watch how Finding girls is in 2023 (VIDEO)

    I don't want to end up like this guy..felt chest pain from this
  2. M

    Cold approach

    I approached a girl a little while ago and one of the first things she told me was that she's engaged, I didn't insist because she was too young, she's 18 and I'm 32. When they tell you they are engaged what do you do? do you insist? do you still ask for her number? If it weren't for that...
  3. CyrusTheGreat

    When a girl gives you her number easily

    When you approach a girl and she gives you her number easily, is that a good sign or a bad one? Does it show high interest or ....?
  4. I

    Cold approach/day game in 2022?

    This is NOT a theoretical question and is aimed ONLY at men who ACTUALLY do it consistently: There used to be 100s youtube gurus, especially the RSD kind that were paddling this "cold approach is easy and cool" bull****. What is your thought on what is working today? How did cold approach...
  5. fakefonzie

    Getting her friend to vouch for you

    Curious if anyone has approached a girl with the intent as using her as a wingwoman for her friend, I’m assuming that one would probably have to go a lot more in the “resume/comfort building” approach with no real game intent until we approach her friend. I know girls love to play matchmaker and...
  6. DeCarlo

    Daygame infield reports: Recordings & discipline

    'Sup guys. I've a idea. I was thinking of doing audio recordings of my daygame approaches to motivate me to get better. Also would force me to be consistent knowing others are hearing it. Even better, it could motivate you guys to approach as well. I'm no game guru at all. Did approaches in...
  7. S

    6 Hour Rule?

    Hi community, Everyone here has gone on dates that go great and you guys sleep together quickly. But then some you need a couple dates and you eventually sleep with them. I remember Todd V saying once that it takes on *average* 6 hours of time spent with a woman(you meet in day game cold...
  8. S

    Suave1's Approach/Dating Journal

    Hey boys. I have been a lurker on this forum for a year. This is my attempt at a daily journal documenting my progress. About me: -I am a incoming senior at a major US college(30k students) that is now opening after the lockdown -I cold approach on my campus because Idgaf. I’m not in a frat(I...
  9. Tilex

    Has Anyone Ever Done This Before?

    Instead of sitting at the bar, sometimes I'll switch it up and sit in a booth to have more room while dining. So let's say this is a casual dining restaurant, cafeteria, or coffee shop, and you see an attractive female looking for a seat, have you ever said: "Why don't you come sit by me?" or...
  10. CamCam

    Cold Approach/The girl with one eye

    **This is not a post to disparage the girl I met, with the mutilated face, it is a lesson I learned in confidence I went to a coffee shop today, and thought I would practice talking to strangers/girls, whomever I could. About 20 minutes after being there, a girl with a cap on, came and sat...
  11. M

    2018 Approach/Dating Journal

    Going to try and journal more to get my thoughts down and actively work on improvement where possible. Goals Regain Cold Approach confidence Spin new plates in the Spring/Summer Less dependency on alcohol Have a memorable Spring/Summer 2018
  12. devilkingx2

    lets talk about cold approach

    been a while since I saw a thread about this on here, the new college semester is less than a month old so it's around the perfect time to start one so, DJs of sosuave share with the class your latest tips, tricks and strategies, how has cold approaching been going for you lately and how often...