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  1. U

    Double Down or Give Her Space or Disappear Completely?

    Would love some Don Juan advice on this one.... I am attracted to mature women with cute faces and sexy bodies. I recently began flirting with a married woman who just completed 49, is short, but goes to the gym faithfully and has a rocking body. Has several grown up kids. She was hesitant at...
  2. AureliusMaximus

    Hybergamy knows no shame...

    and it doesn't care. :devil:
  3. Q

    Dealing with a girl who has serious issues

    Hey everyone! A long-time lurker, first-time poster here. I discovered this forum a couple of years ago after the break-up with my GF and I’m eternally grateful for all the information I got here. Now it’s my turn to give back and, hopefully, I'll not only analyze the situation I’m in but help...
  4. F

    Just got dumped by a 10/10 borderline and Im ready to redpill

    Man I feel low. So some backstory first relationship was 5 years ended in her cheating and leaving with a guy from work. Second was a 16 year marriage ended in her having a affair and leaving me for a cop, third was a girl who spun plates (I was one, though the "priority") even though should...
  5. B

    Is she cheating

    Got the following text from my wife. Wanted to hear your thoughts: "Hey. Call me when you get this.. if you can. Jd is taking the boys to the movies at 3pm and wanted to see if were free to get together" Then 5 minutes later: "Oops. I meant to send that to gabby and diana to get together "...
  6. D

    Taking another man's woman.

    I have been messing around with a woman that has a boyfriend and has a child with him. They live together and she tells me that she is no longer attracted to him and that she is not happy with him. She talks about how miserable her life is with him. She is the breadwinner in the family, does...
  7. T

    In love with a huge red flag… In need for a slap in the face!

    I met this girl a year ago when I was travelling and we’ve been in touch ever since. She’s from the US and I live in Europe. We’ve had two short holidays together last December. During the last trip I learned that she has a lot of issues. So here follows a summary: Only recently she told me...
  8. R

    Should I date this woman which has a boyfriend?

    I'm confused and don't know what to do. I have never been in a long term relationship. I talked to a girl that I like a lot at my college, I simply showed interest in knowing her and she immediately liked me, to be clear none of us told each other we love each other or how we feel to one...
  9. A

    Gf in military

    what's up guys, I just recently joined. Iv been looking for advice and I stumbled onto this forum.... So the thing is my gf of 6 1/2 years joined the navy, we have been dating since the end of high school and it's been pretty good until now. She joined the navy about a year ago, and ever since...
  10. gorillaglue#4

    Been living with this girl for half a year. Need advice. (is she cheating?)

    So a little background, we moved in together extremely fast, I get it, this probably wasn't the best idea (although It did garner me free rent), we were only seeing each other for about 2 months before we moved in. Its 8 months in, roughly, so far. We live on the property of her parents in a...
  11. Panashe Hillary

    What to do when you get busted

    Before we go any further let me get one thing across, I do not condone or encourage cheating on a woman. Cheating is absolutely wrong on moral grounds and something a true Don Juan of honor would never do. And I'm pretty sure the majority of the pick up artist community shares a similar view...
  12. Heweab24

    New girlfriend still communicates with married ex

    Please mind my command of the English language for it is a second language to me. I'm a man aged 27 and there's this girl I'm seeing who is a few month younger than me. I can't really say we are officially dating because our relationship is secret. We live in the same building and the people...
  13. G

    Absurdly caught up over "almost" cheating with this girl

    Let me start this by saying I'm an amateur gamer, so even where I got was a pretty big step for me. Summer school college course (lasted a total of 5 weeks), damn fine looking 8, asked her out she says she has a boyfriend. Needless to say I cut contact and she keeps texting me at like midnight...
  14. D

    New guy here plus question

    Hey what's going on ladies and fellas. I am Jerome I just wanted to introduce myself My question is do you believe my gf is cheating or am I just being insecure/guilty. MY gf and I have been together for a few Months now. She has a real not sincere vibe to her it's the way she talks. Shes...
  15. L

    Am I being played for a fool?

    Ive been after this girl for the majority of my college career, and basically every body in my year group, including her, knows it. She has had a boyfriend who lives on the other side of the country for about a year and a half, and she sees him 3 times a year for a week or two. When she isn't...
  16. N

    Girlfriend on a lot GNOs lately

    Hey, iam 28 and my girlfriend of 18 month is 22 and we are living together. Iam no native speaker btw ;) My girlfriend is a kind person. She doesn't smoke, no tattoos. Not a party-queen either. She's very hot and the sex is great. She invested ALOT into the relationship. When i had to move out...
  17. L

    girlfriend kissed her ex?

    i have been in a relationship with her for 6 months. i didnt know that when we met she was still going through the break up with her ex who cheated on her and she said she could never to that to someone and that she never has which is true. At the same time i was torn between my girlfriend and...