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Recent content by SadoMasochrist

  1. SadoMasochrist

    Girl's Boyfriend Cheated on Her

    If you can't bang a girl looking for a revenge lay.... Besides, no one is saying "spend money on her." Usual advice applies, invite her to something you're doing. Isolate and escalate.
  2. SadoMasochrist

    Making your own Ripped Jeans

    Did you miss a zero? Levi's are $40 a pair. And also, the main problem with wearing ripped jeans is that you have to come out to your parents and all that. Are you prepared? Are you ready to take a man in your mouth and bring him to completion?
  3. SadoMasochrist

    Girl's Boyfriend Cheated on Her

    There is so much beta game in here it's startling. Strike while it's hot. You don't think other DJs are getting in on this? The only question you need to address is "how do I not come across as an orbiter." Don't offer support, offer fun and excitement. Make your intentions known, if she...
  4. SadoMasochrist

    Post your successful relationships with women with BPD

    The fact you brought this back from the dead and posted this speaks good on you. You got your head in the right spot.
  5. SadoMasochrist

    the real secret sauce about life

    You care entirely too much. With time, the world will show you that any meaning it has, you've created. This post has so much affluenza I don't even know where to start.
  6. SadoMasochrist

    3-4 dates tommorow. How do I tell them i ain't paying?

    Covert contracts THE THREAD. "Hey I thought we'd jive because X, I'm a temporarily embarrassed millionaire. So I guess we're going to have a pretty scary time actually getting to know each other." Get some BALLS.
  7. SadoMasochrist

    Men and women don't really like each other

    Well, we can agree to disagree. But you'll learn if you ever get in a real power struggle just how stacked the deck is. I'm talking about if you have a family etc. These debates about gfs, plates etc don't really matter. Considering 80% of men end up having kids. So you have an 80% chance...
  8. SadoMasochrist

    The Worst Thing that ever Happened to you

    This is just a bunch of cluster**** bull**** dude. Maybe being "tortured" by the police, but I'll assume it was probably just an ass whooping and some intimidation. I'm talking about real ****. Like being put into an internment camp, being raped etc. Like the kind of stuff you see on locked...
  9. SadoMasochrist

    Men and women don't really like each other

    All that power and control is illusory. You are at your best, just on equal footing. The only power neutral position in male female dynamics is when she is a plate. Anything beyond that, it shifts MASSIVELY in her favor.
  10. SadoMasochrist

    article: I’m Autosexual, Autoromantic, And In A Relationship With Myself

    If someone preserves this and sends this to her in 10 years, there is a 99.5% chance she will die from cringing so hard. How could someone publish that? This woman is a certified nutcase and anyone that read that should have been cognisant enough to refer her to a mental health clinician for...
  11. SadoMasochrist

    The Worst Thing that ever Happened to you

    This is doublespeak bull****. I've had things happen to me I would trade almost anything to erase from my memory. Things that make you question your own sanity, and what it means to be a human being. To understand what it means to be a nazi, and to realize that is inside every human being. I...
  12. SadoMasochrist

    Are women who consider themselves as "relationship anarchist" really just femynist sluts?

    Just borderline personality disordered women trying to make the world conform to their disorder. If she's really such an "anarchist" why even use the term "boyfriend."
  13. SadoMasochrist

    The Four Types of Men

    You are pathetic. No amount of accomplishments or bragging can hide how weak you are.
  14. SadoMasochrist

    Borderline Relationship

    Can't be solved. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3323706/ http://www.academia.edu/11338442/Fragmented_Selves_Temporality_and_Identity_in_Borderline_Personality_Disorder You can spin plates on her if you have kids. But if you don't have kids, consider yourself lucky and blessed...
  15. SadoMasochrist

    Your thoughts on wife material

    http://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/im-done-accumulating-knowledge-on-the-structure-of-ltrs-marriage-and-the-smp-heres-my-braindump.240913/ Posted about this. Choose your path. Tradcon with 3 year living expense Purple pill (accepting high failure rate)