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  • Our rumored genetic creators, known as the Annunaki, were a bunch of giant assh0les if you read up on them. Would explain a lot of humanity's behavior.
    Baby Boomers may be the only generation in history to be reviled by the generations both before and after them.
    However the jury is still out on the Millennials.
    If reincarnation is real, it's bullsh1t that we can't remember our past lives. Calling out God on this one.
    The Cats playbook:

    1) Take an adversarial position defending unsavory female behavior, attempting to exhaust the enemy through misdirection and the sheer plethora of words

    2) After defending such position, and amending the argument to reduce blowback, reconcile small point of agreement with the enemy
    3) Then, disclaiming that she herself "is not like that" and taking a maximum amount of her words and our time and energy to explain why

    4) Concluding the episode by either agreeing or storming off in a huff. Either way, a win.
    "How you receive and impart information doesn't make that much difference. No matter what the technology is, you still manage to do what you need to do." - Bono, U2.
    Always accentuate the positive. It's easy and if there are few positive things there's little effort involved.
    “Gradually I came to realize that my interest in women goes only as far as the pleasure is concerned.” ― Billy Pilgrim, Daughterhouse 5
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