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  • AOC - If I am so dumb, how did I finish a jigsaw puzzle in 6 weeks when the box said 3-6 years.
    Men and women are different at the lower stages of cognition. Men and women both grasp the same higher stages of cognition.
    Attraction is not a conscious choice

    Hardship acts as a force of accountability

    Sex is rooted in our animistic nature. Sex, like enjoying a work of art, is not a process where a higher order of consciousness and critical thinking is needed.

    Don’t talk about sexual exploits openly.

    “I want equality, but I can be a strong overpowering woman or be a defenseless victim when it’s convenient.”


    “I am the strong breadwinner yet I am determined by things supposedly outside of my control (Blackpilled).”
    Women want a man who has a strong capacity for emotional responses, not a man who is emotional. Whim worshiping is acting on emotions, and doing so weakens the emotional capacity. Woman want a man who has clarity of mind.
    Whim worshiping clutters the mind; it diminishes the clarity of the evaluative process.
    You notice how whimsical the tv commercial voiceover people sound, right?
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    "Communism preys on women's emotions and directs them toward mothering the world. Yuri Bezmenov noted how communism is the architect of feminism and uses feminists, like Jane Fonda. Anymore feminism is nothing but women beating down men with a club in one hand while pleading with men to validate them with the other. Feminism has become a cultish "me too" tribalism of narcissicism & self-victimization."
    The essence of a beta male is having faith in women.
    Faith is a complete belief in something. This implies believing in something regardless if there is a reason to believe it.

    'Beta' men give women unearned trust.

    The phrase "Believe all women" is a promotion of beta-ness.
    Virtues in this order: rationality, independence, integrity, honesty, justice, productiveness, pride
    The fundamental difference between justice and vengeance or tyranny is the presence of rationality. Pay attention when someone advocates for vengeance. What does that say about him/her?
    I would evaluate a belief system by logic, both implied logic but also practicality.
    Try playing a game of chess when you're angry, you won't play as well. Emotions are automatic reactions that suppress reason. Reason, if powerful enough, suppresses emotion, and that's trait that makes one powerful.
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