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  • The fundamental difference between justice and vengeance or tyranny is the presence of rationality. Pay attention when someone advocates for vengeance. What does that say about him/her?
    Try playing a game of chess when you're angry, you won't play as well. Emotions are automatic reactions that suppress reason. Reason, if powerful enough, suppresses emotion, and that's trait that makes one powerful.
    Anytime someone tries to be mean to you, they are trying to get you to submit to them. Don't do it.

    Also, being mean to a woman might cause her to submit to you.
    Mind, body, finances, etc all go together. That is why aging is dangerous, because if the body is depleted, so it the mind, emotional state, all the way to the smv
    Another way to put it, women are attracted to men who are selfish and effective.
    In politics you have to connect with people (establish rapport), especially with voters. The words you choose has little to do with establishing rapport. Rapport-building is a combination of communication, social proof, how you look, perception and ability to make the person feel that you empathize/connection with them.
    There's physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, abstract intelligence, and logical intelligence. Intelligent people are good in all four
    Emoting is an impulse, and controlling impulses are a matter of mind development. People who emote in serious situations are less mind developed than those who don't emote.
    There's moral principle and there's politics. Make sure you know them both.
    The concept of "sexual failure" is an evaluation, and what defines that concept depends on the evaluator.
    There's no separation of game, status, or looks, just like there's no separation of mind and body, they are all one.
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